Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Standard Name: Wilcox, Ella Wheeler
Birth Name: Ella Wheeler
Married Name: Ella Wilcox
Pseudonym: Eloine
EWW , a popular poet from the American mid-West, was born at mid nineteenth century and began publishing at an early age. Her output amounted to about eighty volumes (some posthumous), her poems (mostly first written for magazines) to almost two thousand items. Her essays were syndicated in newspapers; she produced a handful of novels, stories, and books of uplifting advice, and at the end of her life an autobiography. Her most famous topic was love; she also wrote sentimental verse about babies and about death, poems for public occasions, and pronouncements on spiritualism and the New Thought. Her moralising is facile and shallow but her comments on gender relations, mostly from early in her career, are trenchant. Notorious for writing of female sexuality while this was seen as unacceptable, she is unfailingly lively, accessible, and memorisable. Many of her poems were set to music.


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Family and Intimate relationships Naomi Jacob
As well as being a significant influence in other ways, the Scottish actress Marguerite Broadfoote (my greatest friend)
Jacob, Naomi. Me: A Chronicle about Other People. Hutchinson.
was (or may have been, as the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography has it)...
Friends, Associates Sara Jeannette Duncan
After reading SJD 's articles, Miller tracked her down and introduced her to people in publishing. Through Miller, SJD met other literary figures such as poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox .
Fowler, Marian. Redney: A Life of Sara Jeannette Duncan. Anansi.
63, 70
Intertextuality and Influence Ada Leverson
In this novel Valentia Wyburn, another clever woman, has been five years married and has a lover (though their sexual relationship is never particularised) besides her husband. But she breaks with him when she discovers...
Intertextuality and Influence Ethel Mannin
Ragged Banners also addresses questions of genre. The text includes an index which lists on the one hand names of notable literary figures (including Ethel M. Dell , T. S. Eliot , and Shakespeare ...
Intertextuality and Influence Anna Wickham
Some of the most interesting poems first published in this collection are the playful or satirical responses to other writers. To Men answers a poem of the same title by Ella Wheeler Wilcox , whose...
Literary responses Ethel M. Dell
In response to a compliment on her writing EMD replied, they are not well written and will never be called classics.
Dell, Penelope. Nettie and Sissie. Hamish Hamilton.
Highbrow journals at her death were careful not to praise. The Times Literary...
Literary responses Ezra Pound
Ella Wheeler Wilcox , a family friend, wrote a warm review for the American Journal Examiner, translating the title as With Tapers Quenched, and concluding: Success to you, young singer in Venice!The...


2 July 1914: The first issue of the magazine Blast, edited...

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2 July 1914

The first issue of the magazine Blast, edited by Wyndham Lewis , formally announced the arrival of Vorticism, an avant-garde movement in art.


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