Dinah Mulock Craik

Standard Name: Craik, Dinah Mulock
Birth Name: Dinah Maria Mulock
Married Name: Dinah Maria Craik
Indexed Name: Dinah Maria Craik
Pseudonym: The author of Olive
Pseudonym: The author of John Halifax, Gentleman
Used Form: Miss Mulock
Used Form: Mrs Craik
Used Form: the author of A Hero
Used Form: the author of Michael the Miner
Used Form: the author of Olive and the Ogilvies
Used Form: the author of The Head of the Family
Used Form: the author of The Ogilvies
A prolific mid-Victorian professional writer of poetry, fiction, essays, and travel writing, DMC published twenty novels whose commitment to Christian ideals of self-sacrifice and Victorian middle-class values joins with trenchant feminist critique and narrative innovation. John Halifax, Gentleman, portrait of a self-made industrialist, is less representative than her novels about the ongoing practical and psychological challenges facing women in difficult circumstances. DMC 's strong delineation of character and relationships, tendency to write beyond the marriage ending, and treatments of race and ethnicity all repay consideration. Some of her children's stories remain in circulation today. As an essayist, she produced forthright yet witty advice directed at improving women's lot. Her work has fallen into obscurity, although she was one of the most widely read authors of her time.
Oil portrait of Dinah Mulock Craik, by Sir Hubert von Herkomer, 1887. She sits in a wooden chair, her full-figured torso facing to her left but her face turned to look directly at the viewer and hands folded in her lap. She wears a dark dress which merges with the dark background, and a white high-collared blouse with embroidery at the sleeves and lacing in front. She wears a lace headpiece hanging from her grey hair, and her expression is stern. National Portrait Gallery.
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Textual Production Ethel Sidgwick
Riquet with the Tuft, originally a fairy story in French (Riquet à la houppe) by Charles Perrault , had been often retold in English, notably in Dinah Mulock Craik 's anthology The Fairy Book, 1862.
Textual Production George Eliot
However, this year and the next (years marked by personal troubles) took her no further than the preliminary stages, while she also planned or wrote a number of poems. While the ideas were percolating, however...
Textual Production Elizabeth Gaskell
The idea of self-improvement through writing and reading correlates to the strong emphasis in EG 's fiction on education and the impact of environment. This was undoubtedly influenced by a Unitarian intellectual background indebted to...
Textual Production Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde served as general editor of a monthly magazine which he took on as Lady's World. He then immediately acted on Dinah Mulock Craik 's suggestion of changing its name to The Woman's World .
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Gardiner, Juliet. Oscar Wilde; A Life in Letters, Writings, and Wit. Collins and Brown, 1995.
Textual Production Georgiana Craik
This book was produced as one of Dinah Mulock Craik 's series of books for girls.
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1857 (23 September 1871): 2
Textual Production Camilla Crosland
Her other work for periodicals includes a short story, A Railroad Adventure, published in 1843 in Ainsworth's Magazine, as well as pieces in Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, Bentley's Miscellany, the Illustrated London...
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Clearly delighted with the opportunity to mix in literary circles, ST recorded her personal observations of these authors in Men and Women Met by the Way, the final 100-page-long section of her family autobiography...
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GJ was an advocate of realist novels with well drawn characters and a coherent plot. Her review of Charlotte Chanter 's Over the Cliffs compared the plot to a child's attempt at drawing a picture,—the...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Sheila Kaye-Smith
Here she relates significant moments in her life to what she was reading at the time. She says that her reading, directed at first by chance and the choices of others, later moved towards what...


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