Charlotte Chanter

Standard Name: Chanter, Charlotte
Birth Name: Charlotte Kingsley
Married Name: Charlotte Chanter
CC wrote one novel, Over the Cliffs, 1860, which anticipated in some respects the sensation genre, as well as a book about ferns and a collection of children's animal stories which was co-authored with her husband.


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Theme or Topic Treated in Text Geraldine Jewsbury
GJ was an advocate of realist novels with well drawn characters and a coherent plot. Her review of Charlotte Chanter 's Over the Cliffs compared the plot to a child's attempt at drawing a picture,—the...


1917: John Murray (publishers of Isabella Bird...

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John Murray (publishers of Isabella Bird and later Freya Stark ) took over Smith, Elder (publishers of Charlotte Brontë , Charlotte Chanter , and Queen Victoria ).


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