Laurence Binyon

Standard Name: Binyon, Laurence


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Anthologization Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Elkin Mathews , publisher of MEC 's Fancy's Guerdon, reprinted its contents alongside works by Newbolt and Binyon in his Garland of New Poetry by various authors, 1899 (whose title is sometimes given in varying forms).
Stanford, Donald E., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 19. Gale Research.
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Literary responses Katherine Mansfield
KM 's work was savagely attacked. Laurence Binyon called her story wilfully defiant of the rules of art, and said that in her poems she lies flapping and wappering.
Alpers, Antony. The Life of Katherine Mansfield. Oxford University Press.
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Textual Production Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
During this same year MEC published a second, slight collection of poetry, entitled Fancy's Guerdon. It appeared as one of Elkin Mathews ' Shilling Garland series, and was helped through the press by Laurence Binyon .
Coleridge, Mary Elizabeth. “Introduction and Editorial Materials”. The Collected Poems of Mary Coleridge, edited by Theresa Whistler, Rupert Hart-Davis, pp. 21-81.


November-December 1906: Mediation in the Book WarRSC: link to other...

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November-December 1906

Mediation in the Book War (of the Times Book Club against the Net Book Agreement) was attempted unsuccessfully by an unofficial committee composed of several eminent authors.


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