François Villon

Standard Name: Villon, François
Used Form: Francois Villon


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Education Anna Jane Vardill
AJV 's father delighted in her intellectual ability and in teaching her the works of the lesser-known Greek poets. For French she had a tutor from Rouen, Mr Cramozin; historian Tony Stephens argues that he...
Intertextuality and Influence Maureen Duffy
Here she reaches perhaps her richest and wittiest handling of allusion, in poems whose titles half-conceal their mentors, like A Marvell (which begins, Oh world enough we have but we lack time,
Duffy, Maureen. Collected Poems. Hamish Hamilton.
and ends,...
Intertextuality and Influence Anne Stevenson
Despite the strong emotion expressed in some of these poems, AS later remembered the volume as setting free her gift for irony.
Stevenson, Anne. Between the Iceberg and the Ship. University of Michigan Press.
The final poem, A Legacy, On my Fiftieth Birthday, is written...
Textual Features Isabella Whitney
In A Communication to London she mentions her unrequited fondness for the city. (As she had assumed the role of jilted woman she here assumes the role of the woman whose maltreatment by her love-object...
Textual Production Maggie Gee
In a novel titled with the famous, nostalgic question of medieval French poet François Villon , Where are the Snows, MG investigated an attempt to prefer hedonism to responsibility.
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop.
Textual Production Cecily Mackworth
Cecily Mackworth edited a collection entitled A Mirror for French Poetry, 1840-1940: French Poems with Translations by English Poets. The same year she also published a biography, François Villon : A Study.
Textual Production A. Mary F. Robinson
Daniel Halévy (who wrote with enthusiasm of her poetry and with delight of meeting a quotation from it in a book by Paul Bourget ) praised some late poems written in French, especially a ballade...
Textual Production John Millington Synge
Apart from his plays and his folklore work, JMS wrote and published, early in his short career, a handful of poems, essays, and book reviews. He left translations from Villon and Petrarch , and an...
Textual Production Helen Waddell
HW provided an introduction for William Forbes Marshall 's Ballads and Verses from Tyrone, published by the Talbot Press of Dublin in 1929, and an Appreciation for George Saintsbury 's Shakespeare, 1934.
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