Thomas Browne

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Intertextuality and Influence Stella Gibbons
The title page quotes Sir Thomas Browne and Hans Christian Andersen 's The Snow Queen, and the book is loosely based on the fairy tale. The autobiographical heroine, Amy, is an aspiring writer working...
Intertextuality and Influence Frances Power Cobbe
Among the personal duties that the book identifies, is that of maintaining your own lawful freedom
Cobbe, Frances Power. The Duties of Women. G. H. Ellis.
as the indispensable condition of the whole moral life.
Cobbe, Frances Power. The Duties of Women. G. H. Ellis.
But freedom must be exercised properly, and Cobbe...
Intertextuality and Influence Caroline Frances Cornwallis
Browne had made his Pseudodoxia epidemica, or, Enquiries into very many received tenents [sic] and commonly presumed truths (addressed not to ordinary, mis-informed people but to men of learning) almost an encyclopaedia of seventeenth-century misconceptions...
Intertextuality and Influence Margaret Gatty
MG 's preface begins by invoking Sir Thomas Browne , who said he drew his theology from two books: the one written by God and the one written by God's servant Nature. She gives many...
Textual Features Adrienne Rich
This volume's title and epigraph are taken from The Great Gatsby. Like AR 's other works, Dark Fields of the Republic reflects a diverse group of artistic and social influences, which include the Bible...
Textual Production Rose Macaulay
Writing about a wide range of authors from Caedmon to Coventry Patmore , she devotes a significant portion of the book to the seventeenth century, which held a great interest for her. The chapter Anglicans
Textual Production Emma Marshall
EM followed In Colston's Days with In the East Country with Sir Thomas Browne, of which the Tauchnitz edition was called In the East Country with Sir Thomas Browne, Kt., physician and philosopher of...
Textual Production Ethel Wilson
She rewrote the novel in some downtime after Wallace's heart attack in 1954. The revised version was chronologically straightforward and Ellen was no longer a writer. Another change in plot concerned Ellen's broken engagement. Instead...
Textual Production Caroline Frances Cornwallis
CFC 's eighth Small Book was titled An Exposition of Vulgar and Common Errors. She used the pseudonym Thomas Brown Redivivus, in homage to Sir Thomas Browne 's Pseudodoxia Epidemica, 1646 (often...


1642: Sir Thomas Browne's Religio Medici (A Physician's...

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Sir Thomas Browne 's Religio Medici (A Physician's Faith) was most imperfectly and surreptitiously printed (in the words of the title-page of next year's authorised edition).


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