Margaret Gatty

Standard Name: Gatty, Margaret
Birth Name: Margaret Scott
Nickname: Meta
Married Name: Margaret Gatty
Indexed Name: Mrs. Alfred Gatty
MG was a popular and influential children's writer (of fiction and a famous periodical) and scientific writer in the mid-nineteenth century. She began by publishing a biography of her father. Apart from her writings she was also a serious scientist.


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Education Rudyard Kipling
Even during the years of the detested Southsea school RK was developing an appreciation for literature. He writes of being surprised when reading (something Mrs Holloway forced him to do under threat of punishment) turned...
Family and Intimate relationships Juliana Horatia Ewing
Her mother was the much-loved children's writer Margaret Gatty .
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Smith
Among the Victorians, Harriet Martineau concluded Female Education in The Monthly Repository of December 1822 (second part of her first published work) with a word of praise for Smith, and Margaret Gatty as a young...
Intertextuality and Influence Agnes Giberne
A dedication to the memory of her mother quotes Not lost, but gone before (the title of a story by Margaret Gatty ).
Giberne, Agnes. Beside the Waters of Comfort. Seeley.
The book takes the bereaved through various stages of mourning and...
Literary responses Frances Power Cobbe
Margaret Gatty in The Old Folks from Home expressed disapproval of women reading at the meetings. She said it gave her a creepy-crawly sensation, to imagine it, and after hearing FPC complained that it was...
Publishing Sarah Grand
The first short story by Frances Elizabeth McCall (later SG ) to make it to print was Mamma's Music Lessons, which appeared in Margaret Gatty 's evangelical Aunt Judy's Magazine for Young People.
Kersley, Gillian. Darling Madame: Sarah Grand and Devoted Friend. Virago Press.
Textual Production Mary Shelley
MS contributed to every number of the newly-founded annual The Keepsake during these years; she needed the money.
During the first two of these years, verse translations from French and German appeared in The Bijou...
Textual Production Enid Blyton
This was illustrated by Eileen A. Soper .
Solo: Search Oxford University Libraries Online.
EB produced a new Five book almost every year for nearly twenty years, only missing once until the series wound up with the rather feebly-titled Five are...
Textual Production Juliana Horatia Ewing
Juliana Horatia Gatty (later JHE ) published her first book, Melchior's Dream, and Other Tales. It did not bear her name (only initials), but had the advantage of bearing that of her mother as...
Textual Production Juliana Horatia Ewing
Margaret Gatty's just-posthumous collected edition of Parables from Nature, November 1873, included JHE 's tribute to her mother: In Memoriam—Margaret Gatty.
Gatty, Horatia K. F. “Juliana Horatia Ewing and Her Books, 1885”. A Celebration of Women Writers, edited by Mary Mark Ockerbloom.


May 1866: Aunt Judy's Magazine began publication, founded...

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May 1866

Aunt Judy's Magazine began publication, founded by Margaret (Mrs Alfred) Gatty .

November 1881: Aunt Judy's Magazine, the leading fiction...

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November 1881

Aunt Judy's Magazine, the leading fictionperiodicalfor children founded by Margaret Gatty , changed publishers, and adopted a new format with a cover designed by Randolph Caldecott .

October 1885: Aunt Judy's Magazine ceased publication;...

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October 1885

Aunt Judy's Magazine ceased publication; it had been edited first by Margaret Gatty , then by two of her daughters, Juliana Horatia and Horatia Katherine Frances , then by H. K. F. on her own.


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