George Nathaniel, Marquess Curzon

Standard Name: Curzon, George Nathaniel,,, Marquess
Used Form: Lord Curzon


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death John Oliver Hobbes
A requiem mass was held for JOH at the JesuitChurch of the Immaculate Conception in Farm Street, London, with an address given by Hobbes's friend Monsignor William Francis Brown . She was buried...
Education Mary Renault
Difficulties for the College then arose as a result of friction among its all-female staff. When Miss Moberly retired, her protégée Miss Jourdain became Principal, and she in turn promoted her favourite, Miss Cecilia Ady
Family and Intimate relationships Elinor Glyn
In 1903 EG , bored with her marriage, fell for Lord Milner , an imperialist politician who had been the editor of the Pall Mall Gazette and a civil servant in Egypt.
Hardwick, Joan. Addicted to Romance: The Life and Adventures of Elinor Glyn. Andre Deutsch.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Alfred Milner
Family and Intimate relationships Elinor Glyn
Her romantic attraction to Lord Curzon resurfaced when he went out of his way to compliment her on this production. Her previous determination to be faithful to her husband was now weakened by passion and...
Family and Intimate relationships John Oliver Hobbes
JOH had a number of intimate relationships with men, including Lord Robert Crewe and George Nathaniel Curzon , whose name was linked with hers before his marriage in 1895, and again in the very few...
Friends, Associates John Oliver Hobbes
She made many friends and acquaintances both as a figure in society and as an author. These included literary people such as George Meredith , Thomas Hardy , Punch editor Owen Seaman , William Archer
Reception John Oliver Hobbes
The bronze portrait memorial to JOH was unveiled at University College, London , by Lord Curzon in the presence of herparents , assorted peers and dignitaries, and writers including Thomas Hardy and Anthony Hope
Textual Features Sara Jeannette Duncan
Set in British India (the imaginary British base of Pilaghur in the province of Ghoom), this story takes a darker view of the imperial enterprise than SJD 's recent, Canadian, better-known The Imperialist. There...
Textual Features Jan Morris
The expedition undertaken ran through the mountains of Muscat and elsewhere in Oman on the borders of Saudi Arabia and the present day United Arab Emirates. It was led by Sultan Said bin Taimur
Textual Production Elinor Glyn
EG wrote her next romance novel, Halcyone (which appeared in June 1912),
Glyn, Anthony. Elinor Glyn. Hutchinson.
in order to establish herself as a serious writer and to counterbalance her previous novel, which was written obviously and exclusively for...
Textual Production John Oliver Hobbes
Her letters were much enjoyed by her friends. At a memorial event two years after her death, Lord Curzon recalled receiving from her a letter written in Greek iambics—surely a novel feat in 20th century...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Elinor Glyn
She begins by defining what romance means to her, and she explains that in her life the fundamental impulse behind every action, has been the desire for romance.
Glyn, Elinor. Romantic Adventure. E. P. Dutton.
To her, romance is ideal love—spiritual...
Travel John Oliver Hobbes
JOH travelled extensively, often in her role as a now-famous author. She had first revisited the United States, after leaving it as a baby, in May 1886.
Richards, John Morgan, and John Oliver Hobbes. “Pearl Richards Craigie: Biographical Sketch by her Father”. The Life of John Oliver Hobbes, J. Murray.
She saw much of England and...
Travel Dorothy Wellesley
For Egypt they sailed from Trieste via Brindisi to Alexandria. After seeing the sights of ancient Egypt (about which she wrote several poems), DW felt saddened and a little enlightened.
Wellesley, Dorothy. Far Have I Travelled. James Barrie.
They then went...


21 July 1908: The Women's National Anti-Suffrage League...

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21 July 1908

17 February 1920: Oxford University admitted women as full...

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17 February 1920

Oxford University admitted women as full members.


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