Ella K. Maillart

Standard Name: Maillart, Ella K.
Birth Name: Ella Katherine Maillart
Nickname: Kini
Self-constructed Name: Ella K. Maillart
EKM was a Swiss traveller whose website calls her [w]riter and journalist through necessity, photographer by predilection.
Ella Maillart. http://www.ellamaillart.ch/index_en.php.
She published five books about her journeys, three books of reminiscence, and numerous newspaper and magazine articles. Collections of her photographs appeared later in her life and posthumously. She latterly wrote and published in English. Although she lived for all but six years of the twentieth century, her writing career was relatively short, since she chose to abandon it in order to pursue a life of personal enlightenment.


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Education Gwen Moffat
When as a child she longed for travel and wild places, she said, Kipling and Ella Maillart became my gods.
Moffat, Gwen. Space Below My Feet. Houghton Mifflin, Riverside Press.
Friends, Associates Rosita Forbes
RF 's earliest travelling companion, Armorel Meinertzhagen , became her good friend. Forbes made personal contacts easily, and exacted help on the road from all sorts of highly unlikely individuals, one of them Benito Mussolini
Intertextuality and Influence Ann Bridge
The epigraph of this book, from A Journey from Peking, begins: Recollections, above all, of horses—of their courage and foolishness, of their light feet upon the cold December fields . . . .
Bridge, Ann. The Ginger Griffin. Chatto and Windus.
Literary responses Rosita Forbes
The reviewer for the Times Literary Supplement was Peter Fleming , a frequent travel writer who just two years before this had shared an epic journey with Ella Maillart from Peking to northern India. His...
Textual Features Dorothy Wellesley
The title reflects a dominant metaphor in the narrative. DW identifies strongly here with her own sex, particularly with such travellers as Freya Stark , Gertrude Bell , or Ella Maillart : in her Epilogue...


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