Armorel Meinertzhagen

Standard Name: Meinertzhagen, Armorel


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Friends, Associates Rosita Forbes
RF 's earliest travelling companion, Armorel Meinertzhagen , became her good friend. Forbes made personal contacts easily, and exacted help on the road from all sorts of highly unlikely individuals, one of them Benito Mussolini
Textual Production Rosita Forbes
RF 's first book, Unconducted Wanderers, described her round-the-world travel and adventures with a female friend, Armorel Meinertzhagen .
Mavrogordato, E. E. “Unconducted Wanderers”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 909, p. 335.
Travel Rosita Forbes
But her first major travels were two successive expeditions with a woman friend, Armorel Meinertzhagen . Both were devoid of physical fear (though RF was full of mental anxieties) and refused to acknowledge the meaning...


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