Lady Caroline Lamb

Standard Name: Lamb, Lady Caroline
Birth Name: Caroline Ponsonby
Styled: Lady Caroline Ponsonby
Nickname: Car Ponsonby
Married Name: Lady Caroline Lamb
Nickname: Caro William
Nickname: Lady Calantha Limb
LCL was the author of three early-nineteenth-century novels and of an unpublished diary and occasional poetry. Some of her satirical poems were published. She wrote her first novel as a personal testament and retaliation after her affair with Byron , and her work has seldom been discussed other than in that context. Her later novels, however, move away from the personal.
Photograph of a portrait of Lady Caroline Lamb, by Sir Thomas Lawrence. Her head is tilted, and her curly brown hair is presented as natural and unstyled. Her head and neck emerge from a background impressionistically rendered without concrete detail.
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Reception Elizabeth Thomas
Lady Caroline Lamb read this novel while working on her own Glenarvon.
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Reception Elizabeth Thomas
In the preface to her next volume Elizabeth Thomas answered in some detail the attack from the European Magazine. She explained something of her rank in life and her political views, in response to...
Reception Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Lord Melbourne offered Sydney, Lady Morgan , a Crown pension of three hundred pounds a year; she gladly accepted. She had been a close and supportive friend of Melbourne's first wife, Lady Caroline Lamb ...
Textual Features Dorothy Wellesley
DW 's selection, though, demonstrates a serious interest in women's literary and feminist history. Of the selections whose authors can be identified, almost half are women. Though Marguerite, Lady Blessington , doyenne of the albums...
Textual Features Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson
The tales are The Bandit of Florence, and the Fugitive Nun and Imbecility of Mind, which is addressed to the author of Purity of Heart (that is, Elizabeth Thomas —who in this novel of...
Textual Features Muriel Jaeger
MJ 's next chapter deals with the male counterparts of the previous chapter's examples (Frederic Lamb , but also Dugald Stewart and Henry Brougham ), setting the Society for the Suppression of Vice against...
Textual Production Elizabeth Jenkins
EJ published her first historical biography, that of Lady Caroline Lamb (writer and lover of Byron ). It was the first full-length study of Lady Caroline to reach print.
In 2010 Contemporary Authors, inexplicably...
Textual Production Mary Augusta Ward
MAW published The Marriage of William Ashe, a novel inspired by the Romantic-era relationship between the writer Lady Caroline Lamb and her husband, William Lamb , later the prime minister Lord Melbourne.
Sutherland, John. Mrs. Humphry Ward. Clarendon Press, 1990.
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Textual Production George Paston
GP had discovered these letters—written by, among others, Elizabeth Pigot , Lady Caroline Lamb , Augusta Leigh , Lady Melbourne , Annabella Milbanke , Claire Clairmont , and the actresses Susan Boyce and Mrs Spencer...
Textual Production Naomi Royde-Smith
NRS dedicated her work to Florence Mary Parsons (calling her, with formal correctness, Mrs. Clement Parsons), author of the twenty-five-year-old definitive biography of Siddons. People she acknowledges include her husband (for advice about old...
Textual Production Frances Arabella Rowden
It is dedicated to Sir John Aubrey of Dorton House, Buckinghamshire, a Tory baronet and member of parliament, with praise for his integrity of principle and spirit of patriotism and for his private or domestic...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Lucille Iremonger
Her opening chapter addresses her own experience, with heartfelt reminiscence about the impact of political campaigning on married life. She sets out to combat the view of the candidate's (later the member's) wife either as...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Muriel Jaeger
She begins this book with a method not unlike that of Experimental Lives from Cato to George Sand. Her first chapter, Pioneers in Conversion, centres its topic on individuals, relating the sudden transformation...


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