Anne, second queen of Henry VIII

Standard Name: Anne,, second queen of Henry VIII
Used Form: Anne Boleyn


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Cultural formation Rose Hickman
She belonged to the London trading class, which was rising rapidly in wealth and influence. Life at this date was hazardous, however. Hers was shaped by her parents' belief in the new reformed religion, and...
Family and Intimate relationships Rose Hickman
RH 's father, William Lok or Locke (1480-1550), had been married before and he was twice more married after the death of his second wife, Katherine (Cook)—who bore him nine children—and whose protestant faith he...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny
FNBA 's father, Thomas Manners , first Earl of Rutland, was one of the peers who tried Anne Boleyn for treason. He went on to hold various distinguished official positions. He died on 20 September...
Family and Intimate relationships Queen Elizabeth I
Elizabeth's mother, Anne Boleyn , a country gentleman's daughter, attracted the king during his first marriage by her beauty and personality. Her few surviving letters indicate high intelligence and language skills. She was executed on...
Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Roper
The family of Thomas More were merchants and lawyers of London's bourgeois ruling class: Thomas duly became a lawyer and out of personal passion became a scholar of the new humanist learning. He married again...
Literary responses Elizabeth Strickland
The Athenæum was quite mocking about the quality of the history, finding it deficient in the critical evaluation and referencing of sources, and claiming to have derived entertainment but not instruction from the first volume...
Performance of text Claire Luckham
The Seduction of Anne Boleyn, another historical play by CL , was first presented at Southampton's Nuffield Theatre .
Luckham, Claire. Plays. Oberon.
Performance of text Hilary Mantel
HM gave a lecture at the British Museum in a series organized by the London Review of Books, as Undressing Anne Boleyn (printed in the same journal on 21 February as Royal Bodies).
Mantel, Hilary. “Royal Bodies”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 4, pp. 3-7.
politics Margaret Roper
Thomas More 's opposition to Henry VIII 's projected marriage to Anne Boleyn was unshakable. On 17 April 1534 he was imprisoned in the Tower of London as a political offender, having refused on 12...
Author summary Claire Luckham
Claire Luckham's career as a playwright was launched in 1976, when the feminist theatre group Monstrous Regiment selected Scum (a play on which she and her husband collaborated) to open their first season. Her plays...
Publishing Elizabeth Tollet
ET 's nephew George Tollet published, with her name, a new, enlarged edition of her work: Poems on Several Occasions. With Anne Boleyn to Henry VIII . An Epistle.
Londry, Michael, and Elizabeth Tollet. The Poems of Elizabeth Tollet. Oxford University.
Publishing Mary Hays
She was commissioned to produce this work for the occasion of Queen Caroline's trial, by the publishers T. and J. Allman . Its frontispiece shows Caroline flanked by portraits of Queen Elizabeth , but...
Publishing Hilary Mantel
On 12 May 2012HM published in The Guardian an article about Anne Boleyn .
Mantel, Hilary. “’I have only a little neck’”. The Guardian, pp. Review 2 - 4.
Review 2-4
Residence Susan Tweedsmuir
As a child Susan Grosvenor lived with her parents and sister at 30 Upper Grosvenor Street—but only in winter, for summers were spent with the extended family at her grandparents' country estate, Moor Park...
Textual Features Sarah Green
This novel, a third-person narrative, opens arrestingly—It was a cold, and dreary evening, in the month of October 1548
Green, Sarah. The Royal Exile; or, Victims of Human Passions: An Historical Romance of the Sixteenth Century. J. J. Stockdale.
1: 1
—on the French Count d'Almaile's discovery of a female skeleton in her coffin...


12 April 1533: Anne Boleyn, already secretly married to...

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12 April 1533

Anne Boleyn , already secretly married to Henry VIII , was publicly recognised as his consort in the public celebrations of the end of Lent.

20 April 1534: Elizabeth Barton (often called the Nun—or...

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20 April 1534

Elizabeth Barton (often called the Nun—or the Fair Maid—of Kent) was executed at Tyburn for seeking the king 's death.

November 1534: The Act of Supremacy declared the monarch,...

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November 1534

The Act of Supremacy declared the monarch, not the Pope , head of the Church of England.

19 May 1536: Anne Boleyn, mother of the future Queen Elizabeth,...

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19 May 1536

Anne Boleyn , mother of the future Queen Elizabeth , was executed in London for alleged high treason.

March 1824-May 1829: Walter Savage Landor published Imaginary...

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March 1824-May 1829

Walter Savage Landor published Imaginary Conversations of Literary Men and Statesmen.

December 1965: Actress Peggy Ashcroft toured Norway with...

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December 1965

Actress Peggy Ashcroft toured Norway with a show of her own devising, Words on Women and Some Women's Words, originally written for performance at London University .


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