John Highmore

Standard Name: Highmore, John


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Occupation Charlotte Charke
Colley Cibber retired abruptly from managing Drury Lane , passing it not to his son Theophilus but to John Highmore ; Theophilus, CC , and other performers defected to the illicit Little Theatre in the Haymarket .
Baruth, Philip E. “Who Is Charlotte Charke?”. Introducing Charlotte Charke: Actress, Author, Enigma, edited by Philip E. Baruth, University of Illinois Press, pp. 9-62.
Morgan, Fidelis, and Charlotte Charke. The Well-Known Troublemaker: A Life of Charlotte Charke. Faber and Faber.


June 1733: John Laguerre painted The Stage Mutiny, which...

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June 1733

John Laguerre painted The Stage Mutiny, which shows Theophilus Cibber , Charlotte Charke , and others, confronting John Highmore , then manager of Drury Lane .


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