Luís de Camões

Standard Name: Camões, Luís de
Used Form: Luis de Camoens
Used Form: Luis de Camoes


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Family and Intimate relationships Ann, Lady Fanshawe
They may have chosen to marry outside Oxford because although he was a royalist, Sir Richard did not support the reforms by which William Laud had been making the Church of England higher. Ann's...
Family and Intimate relationships Ann, Lady Fanshawe
Ann, Lady Fanshawe , bore her daughter Margaret in Yorkshire, during an interval of family peace, while her husband worked at his well-known translation of Os Lusiadas (The Lusiads), the Portuguese national...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Thomas
The title alludes to the pronouncement in the Bible that the labourer is worthy of his hire. Thomas chooses a title-page quotation from Cibber , reinforces the theatrical and period note with lines from Otway
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Shorter pieces here include many sonnets, the most striking and complex of which are perhaps the two dedicated to George Sand that explore the apparent contradictions of gender and genius. To George Sand. A Desire...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The title of the series was meant to veil EBB 's personal record of her emotions during her epistolary courtship by Browning, the Portuguese invoking the speaker of her earlier poem Catarina to Camoens...
Literary responses Felicia Hemans
Appreciation of FH was slowly growing. Following on the positive responses from Scott and Byron , in October 1820John Taylor Coleridge in the influential Quarterly Review (published by John Murray , her own publisher)...
Textual Features Anna Jane Vardill
AJV translates from Sappho , Anacreon , Alcæus , Theocritus , Horace , and more recent poets: Petrarch and Camoens . She includes several charity poems: the one already published in aid of the Refuge for the Destitute
Textual Features Frances Arabella Rowden
An advertisement (dated at Iver in Buckinghamshire on 3 September 1820)
Rowden, Frances Arabella. A Biographical Sketch of the Most Distinguished Writers of Ancient and Modern Times.
1829, iv
explains that the book is written for the young scholar and hopes to demonstrate the connexion between ancient and modern literature (the...
Textual Production Felicia Hemans
FH published in mid-1818 Translations from Camoens and Other Poets, with Original Poetry anonymously, but with reference to her poems on Greece and Italy. Most of the poems in this volume were love lyrics.
Hemans, Felicia. “Introduction and Editorial Materials”. Felicia Hemans: Selected Poems, Prose, and Letters, edited by Gary Kelly, Broadview, pp. 12 - 89; various pages.
Textual Production Elizabeth Bishop
She dedicated this book of poems written in Brazil to her partner Lota de Macedo Soares , with a quotation in Portuguese from Camoens , of two lines ending: The more I give you, the...


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