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Intertextuality and Influence Anna Jane Vardill
Her Attic Chest poems have an erudite flavour. She replies to Anacreon , writes A New Epistle from Sappho to Phaon, and signs other poems Aulus Gellius (author of the Latin Attic Nights)...
Author summary Mary Bailey
MB wrote devotional works and three volumes of poetry during the early Victorian period. Her poetry and translations, including what she erroneously believed to have been the first English translations of Anacreon 's odes, also...
Publishing Mary Bailey
MB published in Hobart's Colonial Times newspaper what she claimed were the first English translations of odes of the ancient Greek poet Anacreon .
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
Publishing Elizabeth Carter
This recently-founded publication, brainchild of Edward Cave , was the first example of the monthly periodical, the first to use the title magazine. EC 's earliest contribution, a riddle on subject of fire, was...
Textual Features J. S. Anna Liddiard
The first poem in the volume, The Wreath of Fame, comments on her own daring in aiming for this wreath. Her other topics are the rage of Napoleon (the Man of Slaughter)...
Textual Features Judith Cowper Madan
The poem in its later version, headed with a quotation from Virgil , opens: Unequal, how shall I the search begin, / Or paint with artless hand the awful scene?
Concanen, Matthew, editor. The Flower-Piece. Walthoe.
JCM calls on the...
Textual Features Anna Jane Vardill
AJV translates from Sappho , Anacreon , Alcæus , Theocritus , Horace , and more recent poets: Petrarch and Camoens . She includes several charity poems: the one already published in aid of the Refuge for the Destitute
Textual Production Constantia Grierson
Copies of Thomas Moore 's Odes of Anacreon (first published in 1800) were issued with a single-sheet printing of The Art of Printing (a poem ascribed to CG ) laid in.
English Short Title Catalogue.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Textual Production Judith Cowper Madan
This seems to be the first of four poems which her daughter preserved, dating from this year and shortly afterwards. The others are versions of odes by Anacreon and Horace , and a dream vision...
Textual Production Anne Dacier
The future AD issued a translation unconnected with the Delphin project and through a different publisher: Les Poésies d'Anacréon et de Sapho , traduites de grec en français.
Grosperrin, Jean-Philippe, and Christine Dousset-Seiden, editors. “Les époux Dacier: une bibliographie”. Littératures classiques: les époux Dacier, Honoré Champion, pp. 259-86.


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Sappho, and Anacreon. Les Poésies d’Anacréon et de Sapho. Translator Dacier, Anne, D. Thierry and C. Barbin, 1681.