Margaret Agnes Paul

Standard Name: Paul, Margaret Agnes
Used Form: Margaret Agnes Colvile


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Friends, Associates George Eliot
By 1870 it was at last becoming common for married couples (like the scholar Mark Pattison and his wife Emelia, or Emily Francis ) to visit GE and her partner. Publisher Charles Kegan Paul and...
Textual Features Mary Augusta Ward
Her signatories—who mostly owed their eminence to their position as the the wives of prominent men—included Mrs Leslie Stephen , Mrs Matthew Arnold , Mrs Kegan Paul (who was a novelist in her own right),...


1856: Margaret Agnes Colvile, future wife of publisher...

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Margaret Agnes Colvile , future wife of publisher Charles Kegan Paul , published her first two novels: Dorothy: A Tale and DeCressy.

October 1877: Charles Kegan Paul arranged to purchase the...

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October 1877

Charles Kegan Paul arranged to purchase the publishing firm of his employer H. S. King to form Kegan Paul and Co.


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