Frances Lucy Arnold

Standard Name: Arnold, Frances Lucy


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Education Mary Augusta Ward
Mary Arnold's aunt Frances Arnold taught her to read and helped to tame her temper.
Ward, Mary Augusta. A Writer’s Recollections. Harper and Brothers.
Family and Intimate relationships Matthew Arnold
In 1851 MA married Fanny Lucy Wightman . Together they had six children, three of whom predeceased him.
Drabble, Margaret, editor. The Oxford Companion to English Literature. Oxford University Press.
Residence Mary Augusta Ward
Mary Augusta Arnold (later MAW ) lived with her paternal grandmother and her aunt Frances at Fox How, Ambleside, in the Lake District, after her parents settled in Dublin.
Sutherland, John. Mrs. Humphry Ward. Clarendon Press.
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Textual Features Mary Augusta Ward
Her signatories—who mostly owed their eminence to their position as the the wives of prominent men—included Mrs Leslie Stephen , Mrs Matthew Arnold , Mrs Kegan Paul (who was a novelist in her own right),...


June 1889: Nineteenth Century published An Appeal against...

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June 1889

Nineteenth Century published An Appeal against Female Suffrage by Mary Augusta Ward , signed by 103 other women.


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