Catharine Trotter

Standard Name: Trotter, Catharine
Birth Name: Catharine Trotter
Pseudonym: Olinda
Pseudonym: A Young Lady
Nickname: Calista
Married Name: Mrs Cockburn
Pseudonym: the Author of ....
Nickname: Sappho Ecossaise
Used Form: Catharine Cockburn
Since the late twentieth century CT has been known chiefly for her early writings, shortly before and after the year 1700, which include tragedies, poetry, a comedy, and a short fiction. Though this first phase of her career overlaps with a later one (under two different names, birth-name and married name), they are clearly distinguishable. Characteristic of the later phase, during which she published as Catharine Cockburn, are weighty works of philosophy and theology, and familiar letters. Some of her letters reflect her intellectual pursuits; her personal and domestic letters have only recently come to notice.


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Intertextuality and Influence Sappho
Sappho 's name was an honorific for women writers for generations. George Puttenham may have been the first to use it to compliment a writing woman: in Parthienades, 1579, he said that Queen Elizabeth
Intertextuality and Influence Delarivier Manley
The Lost Lover is remembered for its satirised learned lady, Orinda (whose role, however, is slight). This Orinda has been interpreted (probably wrongly) as a portrait of Katherine Philips , who had been famous under...
Literary responses Delarivier Manley
This was a humorous rather than a vicious attack; but of the three women targeted (Trotter and Pix as well as DM ), she took the heaviest fire.
Literary responses Mary Pix
MP , again with Trotter , was attacked in Animadversions on Mr. Congreve 's Late Answer to Mr. Collier, probably by George Powell .
Greer, Germaine et al., editors. Kissing the Rod. Virago.
Literary responses Mary Pix
Jane Spencer points out that modern criticism has not been appreciative of MP : Jacqueline Pearson has said that she deals in conventional male stereotypes and gives women no more air time than do male...
Literary responses Mary Jones
Catherine Talbot found Holt Waters and A Letter to Doctor Pitt indelicate and was surprised that Carter liked MJ 's poetry.
Kennedy, Deborah. Poetic Sisters. Early Eighteenth-Century Women Poets. Bucknell University Press.
The collection was warmly praised by Ralph Griffiths in the Monthly Review:...
Occupation Sarah, Lady Piers
She enjoyed rural sports such as fox-hunting.
Sarah, Lady Piers,. “letters to Catharine Trotter”. British Library Additional MSS 4264: ff. 284-332.
She educated her young sons herself, as Catharine Trotter (later Cockburn) records in a dedication. As the earliest patron of Trotter, she made a significant difference to the...
Performance of text Mary Pix
It had premiered the previous month, with Betterton's company at Lincoln's Inn Fields.
The London Stage 1660-1800. Southern Illinois University Press.
1: 497
Catharine Trotter contributed an epilogue.
Publishing Mary Masters
This volume was printed for the Author. Its 833 subscribers (for 903 copies)
Fleeman, John David, and James McLaverty. A Bibliography of the Works of Samuel Johnson. Clarendon Press.
1: 409-10
included Samuel Johnson , Mrs Gardiner of Snow-Hill, Thomas Birch , a John Cockburne who may well have...
Reception Mary Davys
One contemporary reader recorded in a couplet the conviction that Familiar Letters ends with the two correspondents heading for marriage. Recent readers (as represented by editor Martha Bowden and several classes of students) are more...
Textual Features Delarivier Manley
This book is often seen as a sequel, and it retails the same type of scandal as the New Atalantis, but without the supernatural mediating characters. It too purports to be translated: this time...
Textual Features Mary Masters
At the end of the volume comes a stop-press addition: six letters added at the Request of some of her Friends,
Masters, Mary. Familiar Letters and Poems on Several Occasions. D. Henry and R. Cave.
of which two are feminist in tone. MM here praises the writings of...
Textual Features Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
They include a novel in five letters (Indamora to Lindamira), a verse-and-prose romance (The Adventurer), and poems in various pastoral and classical modes—epistles, lyrics, etc. The novel gives a voice to...
Textual Features Elizabeth Elstob
EE 's preliminary list of names suggests considerable research work: it includes several ancient or Anglo-Saxon women as well as Mary Astell , Anne Bacon , Katherine Chidley (as the pamphlet antagonist of Thomas Edwards
Textual Production Aphra Behn
They included two congratulatory poems, Lycidus, two translations (The History of Oracles and A Discovery of New Worlds), three short novels—The Fair Jilt, Agnes de Castro (which last AB 's...


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