Alfred Russel Wallace

Standard Name: Wallace, Alfred Russel


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Education Mary Kingsley
He was impressed with the specimens she had collected while in West Africa, and encouraged her to continue. Like Kingsley, both Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace admitted to being highly indebted to Günther and...
Textual Features Mathilde Blind
MB 's fast-moving and lively narrative is couched in an original stanza form consisting of four iambic couplets, of which the last ends in an alexandrine (a line with an extra foot). The life before...
Textual Production Amabel Williams-Ellis
AWE published Darwin 's Moon: A Biography of Alfred Russel Wallace. It was reprinted in 1986.
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By 1802: The smallpox vaccination method established...

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By 1802

The smallpox vaccination method established by Edward Jenner was coming into use around the world; in England about 100,000 people had been vaccinated, and the annual smallpox death rate (which had averaged about 3,000 per...

1844: The anonymous publication of Robert Chambers's...

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The anonymous publication of Robert Chambers 's Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation influenced the evolutionary thinking of Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace .

1 July 1858: Papers on the theory of natural selection...

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1 July 1858

Papers on the theory of natural selection by Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin were read at a meeting of the Linnean Society .

1881: The Land Nationalisation Society was founded...

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The Land Nationalisation Society was founded by Alfred Russel Wallace and others to work for the abolition of private ownership of land.


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