Robert Chambers

Standard Name: Chambers, Robert,, 1802 - 1871


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Education Jane Hume Clapperton
After completing school, JHC was deeply impressed by Robert Chambers , who encouraged her self-education by telling her that real education begins when one leaves school . . . [it] is better than any amount...
Family and Intimate relationships Ménie Muriel Dowie
MMD 's maternal grandfather was Robert Chambers of Edinburgh, who wrote Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation (which, published anonymously, was briefly ascribed both to Augusta Ada Byron and to Catherine Crowe )...
Family and Intimate relationships Rosamond Lehmann
RL 's father, Rudolph Chambers Lehmann , came from a family of cosmopolitan musicians and painters; his paternal grandfather was an accomplished German violinist and miniaturist in the Free City of Hamburg. Rudolph's father became...
Friends, Associates Camilla Crosland
CC 's friends and acquaintances were varying and numerous. In her youth the radical politician John Cartwright was a neighbour. Her literary work as an adult led to the formation of a number of lasting...
Friends, Associates Jane Loudon
As well as horticultural and artistic friends and associates, JL and her husband had literary friends, who included Robert Chambers and his wife Anne , Elizabeth Gaskell , Mary Howitt , Julia Kavanagh , Charles Dickens
Intertextuality and Influence Ménie Muriel Dowie
At the time of publication, Chambers's was under the editorship of MMD 's uncle Robert Chambers Junior (1832-1888). He had inherited the journal from his father, Robert Chambers Senior (1802-1871), and uncle William Chambers ....
Publishing Isabella Hamilton Robinson
She had met writer and publisher Robert Chambers at a party in 1850, and was evidently encouraged to submit poems to Chambers' Edinburgh Journal, a weekly 16-page magazine which had been in business for...
Textual Production Augusta Ada Byron
In 1845 AAB collaborated with John Crosse on an article for the Westminster Review about Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation by Robert Chambers . (Before Chambers's authorship was known, there was speculation that...
Textual Production Catherine Crowe
Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation by Robert Chambers , published anonymously in 1844, was rumoured to be written by CC . She was pleased to be mooted as capable of authoring this weighty...


4 February 1832: Robert and William Chambers began publishing...

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4 February 1832

Robert and William Chambers began publishing the weeklyChambers's EdinburghJournal.

1844: The anonymous publication of Robert Chambers's...

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The anonymous publication of Robert Chambers 's Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation influenced the evolutionary thinking of Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace .


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