Vincent Novello

Standard Name: Novello, Vincent


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Birth Mary Cowden Clarke
Mary Victoria Novello (later MCC ) was born in the same house as her father before her: 240 Oxford Street (then Oxford Road), London.
Clarke, Mary Cowden. My Long Life. Dodd, Mead.
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Cowden Clarke
Vincent Novello , MCC 's father, was a music teacher, choirmaster, composer, and music publisher, who played the organ for the Portuguese Embassy Chapel at South Street, Grosvenor Square, London, for twenty-six years. There...
Friends, Associates Sarah Flower Adams
As her father established himself socially and politically within the Dalston community, she became involved in London's literary and intellectual circles. Among those she met, William James Linton , John Stuart Mill , and...
Friends, Associates Mary Shelley
She had friends there, Vincent and Mary Sabilla Novello .
Crook, Nora. “Fourteen New Letters by Mary Shelley”. Keats-Shelley Journal, Vol.
, pp. 37-61.
Literary responses Mary Cowden Clarke
She was pleased that her father , not long before his death, read her preface to her edition, and said, It does you great credit, my dear.
Clarke, Mary Cowden. My Long Life. Dodd, Mead.
Reception Sarah Flower Adams
SFA also contributed to Vincent Novello 's Songs for the Months: this publication is obscure and no date is available.
Julian, John, editor. A Dictionary of Hymnology. Dover Publications.
Residence Mary Cowden Clarke
MCC , her husband , and her brother Alfred (now retired) lived at Nice (which then meant living in Italy), with her widowed father and her sister Sabilla.
Clarke, Mary Cowden. My Long Life. Dodd, Mead.
Residence Mary Cowden Clarke
Following the death of MCC 's father , she and her husband , with brother Alfred and sister Sabilla, moved from Nice to Genoa.
Clarke, Mary Cowden. My Long Life. Dodd, Mead.
Textual Production Mary Cowden Clarke
In the 1860s, MCC published her biography of her father, The Life and Labours of Vincent Novello.
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Travel Emily Shirreff
ES met her sister Maria at Genoa, where they visited the Novello family.
Ellsworth, Edward W. Liberators of the Female Mind: The Shirreff Sisters, Educational Reform, and the Women’s Movement. Greenwood.


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