King Richard II

Standard Name: Richard II, King
Used Form: Godfrey of Bouillon


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Employer Geoffrey Chaucer
He was a man of the world as well as a poet. In youth he worked as a page in a noble household, then as a mercenary in European armies. By 1367 he was working...
Literary Setting Josephine Tey
The drama begins in February 1385 when Richard II is nineteen years old and ends with his forced abdication in 1399. It is written in uncluttered modern language, which was a relatively new trend in...
Performance of text Josephine Tey
Richard of Bordeaux (that is Richard II ), the first play by Gordon Daviot (well-known alternative pseudonym for detective novelist JT ), had two special Sunday night performances at the Arts Theatre Club in London.
Tey, Josephine. Richard of Bordeaux. Little, Brown.
Gielgud, Sir John, and Josephine Tey. “Foreword”. Plays by Gordon Daviot, Peter Davies, p. ix - xii.
Weintraub, Stanley, editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 10. Gale Research.
10: 139
Textual Features E. J. Scovell
EJS is wary of the transformations of poetry: this apparition / A rainbow truth altering for every eye. The real King Richard II , who died in obscurity after a life of ruin and negation...
Textual Production Jean Plaidy
In this extremely well-populated series, this first Plantagenet led a long procession. Its followers were two novels in 1977, The Revolt of the Eaglets, and The Heart of the Lion (about Richard Coeur de Lion


May 1381: Insurrection followed Wat Tyler's killing...

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May 1381

Insurrection followed Wat Tyler 's killing of a poll-tax collector for indecent rudeness to his daughter; this became known as the Peasants' Revolt.

November 1382: The House of Commons requested Richard II...

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November 1382

The House of Commons requested Richard II to make use of wise officers and honest and discreet councillors.
Saul, Nigel. Richard II. Yale University Press.

1391: Richard II introduced into England pocket...

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Richard II introduced into England pocket handkerchiefs, whose use was for blowing the nose.

29 September 1399: Richard II abdicated from the throne at the...

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29 September 1399

Richard II abdicated from the throne at the Tower of London; in effect he was deposed, and the crown seized by Henry Bolingbroke, who became Henry IV .


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