William Law

Standard Name: Law, William


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Cultural formation Charlotte Brooke
Sources also differ as to whether her family were Church of IrelandAnglicans (following long tradition) and Charlotte later inclined to Methodism or Evangelicism, like her mother, or whether while many of her relations were...
Cultural formation Mary Ann Kelty
Retrospectively she remembered that at this time her thoughts were most harrassing, most degrading; yet . . . a holy, yet evanescent sentiment was also present.
Kelty, Mary Ann. Reminiscences of Thought and Feeling. W. Pickering.
Under Simeon's influence she tried to convert Professor...
Friends, Associates Mary Astell
Elizabeth Hutcheson (an associate of nonjuring devotional writer William Law , as was Hastings) later became MA 's executor. Her friendship with Lady Chudleigh was conducted largely by letter, since Chudleigh lived in Devon. Astell...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Carpenter
She was influenced in this by the writings of William Law .
Carpenter, J. Estlin. The Life and Work of Mary Carpenter. MacMillan and Co.
Textual Production Mary Astell
Books with Astell's annotations survive among those from William Law 's charitable library in Northamptonshire Record Office and among the survivors of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu 's collection in private, family hands. The Northamptonshire books...
Textual Production Mary Ann Kelty
The same year MAK issued with her name another small-size religious pamphlet of 61 pages, entitled On Individual Influence, as well as her selected edition of writings by William Law .
“Newton Library Catalogue”. University of Cambridge: Cambridge University Library and Dependent Libraries.
Textual Production Mary Ann Kelty
In 1838, a year which saw at least two of her own religious tracts or pamphlets, MAK also issued an edition which she called Spiritual Fragments, selected from the works of William Law , M.A...


1724: William Law answered Bernard Mandeville in...

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William Law answeredBernard Mandeville in Remarks upon a Late Book, Entituled, The Fable of the Bees, arguing that moral or immoral behaviour is chosen rather than socially conditioned.

By December 1728: William Law published A Serious Call to a...

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By December 1728

William Law published A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life.


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