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Occupation William Law
Hutcheson had been left about two thousand pounds a year by her husband (who himself suggested this plan of life for her in widowhood). The charitable benefactions carried out by these friends (both before and...
Textual Production Lucy Hutchinson
On the Principles of the Christian Religion was written in the 1650s or later, according to its first editor. The manuscript of it survives at the Northamptonshire County Record Office , though that of On...
Textual Production Elizabeth Isham
EI wrote down a brief record of every year of her life, beginning with her infancy. She continued until 1648, when she was nearly forty. The manuscript is now MS IL 3365 at Northamptonshire Record Office
Textual Production Elizabeth Isham
Besides her life-writings, EI left papers dealing with two principal topics: the practice of herbal medicine and the practice of religion, expressed in penitential devotions. The medical manuscripts are now Northamptonshire Record Office IC4823, 4824...
Textual Production Mary Astell
Books with Astell's annotations survive among those from William Law 's charitable library in Northamptonshire Record Office and among the survivors of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu 's collection in private, family hands. The Northamptonshire books...
Textual Production Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland
Two handsomely-copied manuscripts of this work are now known; each of them close to one of the printed versions. One is now Finch-Hatton MS 1 in Northamptonshire Record Office (closer to the octavo edition); the...
Textual Production Anne Finch
AF kept copies of her poems, carefully transcribed in her earliest surviving manuscript volume, now Northamptonshire Record Office Finch-Hatton 283.
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Wright, Gillian. “The Birds and the Poet: Fable, Self-Representation and the Early Editing of Anne Finch’s Poetry”. Review of English Studies online, Vol.
, No. 261.
Textual Production Anne Finch
A booklet containing five poems by AF was copied out in handsome format by a transcriber who has not been identified, perhaps as a gift from Finch to her husband . It is now in...


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