John, Baron Hervey

Standard Name: Hervey, John,,, Baron
Used Form: Lord Hervey


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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Hervey
They were married at St George's, Hanover Square, London. He was the natural son of Thomas Hervey, who in turn was one of the eight children of John, Lord Hervey .
Hervey, Elizabeth. “Introduction”. The History of Ned Evans (1796), edited by Helena Kelly, Pickering and Chatto, p. vii - xxii.
Beckford, William. Life at Fonthill, 1807-1822, with Interludes in Paris and London. Editor Alexander, Boyd, Rupert Hart-Davis.
Friends, Associates Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
She now sought the friendship of those in political power, like James Craggs , Charlotte Clayton , and members of the royal family. But she was closest to outsiders like Lady Stafford (an almost certainly...
Literary responses Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Pope 's Epistle to Dr Arbuthnot made a particularly strong and memorable attack on LMWM 's friend Hervey and also herself.
Grundy, Isobel. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: Comet of the Enlightenment. Clarendon.
Publishing Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Verses Address'd to the Imitator of Horace, a satiric attack on and riposte to Pope which was probably composed by LMWM and Lord Hervey , appeared in two separate, anonymous, folio editions.
Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley. Essays and Poems and Simplicity, A Comedy. Editors Halsband, Robert and Isobel Grundy, Oxford University Press.
Textual Features Margery Lawrence
The poetry included in this volume ranges widely in subject, with topics such as games played in the nursery, first love, courtship, love-letters, and lost love. The volume also includes verses on World War One...
Textual Production Judith Cowper Madan
The Family Miscellany, collected and transcribed by JCM 's brother Ashley Cowper , dated 1747 and now British Library MS Add. 28,101, includes plenty of poems by Ashley himself and plenty more ascribed to...
Textual Production Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Each issue of To the Imitator was priced at sixpence. One appeared through a trade publisher, James Roberts , and one through a mercury, Anne Dodd . Both these were pamphlet-producers who offered...


18 May 1725: Lord Hervey remarked hyperbolically on the...

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18 May 1725

Lord Hervey remarked hyperbolically on the terminal decay of marriage as an institution among the upper classes.

1728: Lord Hervey later expressed the view that...

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Lord Hervey later expressed the view that by this date the Christian religion was so exploded in England that upper-class men and women were ashamed to admit to believing.


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