Sir Stanley Unwin

Standard Name: Unwin, Sir Stanley


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Friends, Associates Storm Jameson
Jameson met Romer Wilson , Charles Morgan , and J. W. N. Sullivan through her Knopf connections. By about 1924 she and Edith Sitwell had visited each other's homes. Jameson felt that in spite of...
Publishing Rose Allatini
It is titled from a phrase in the book of Isaiah which is read by Christians as a prophecy of the persecutions awaiting the Messiah, or Jesus Christ. Its dedication, To You Who Made Me...
Publishing Maude Royden
Her publisher, Stanley Unwin , of George Allen and Unwin , told her his firm would be glad to be identified with this pamphlet.
Fletcher, Sheila. Maude Royden: A Life. Basil Blackwell.
Publishing Evelyn Sharp
She most probably wrote this novel after the Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919. It was published by Allen and Unwin (where Stanley Unwin was her personal friend) only after rejection by...
Publishing Constance Smedley
Stanley Unwin 's wife read the manuscript and told her husband that he had got to publish the novel for the sake of its ideas. (Unwin was an internationally-minded pacifist.) The firm signed a contract...
Reception Rose Allatini
At this hearing (the second part of the prosecution, following a meeting on 25 September), the political content of the novel was the text, and the (homo)sexual content the subtext. Counsel for the defence pointed...
Reception D. H. Lawrence
Penguin was emboldened to embark on the course of action that led to the trial by the Obscene Publications Act of the previous year, which admitted the defence of literary merit against charges of obscenity...


4 August 1914: George Allen and Unwin Limited formally registered...

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4 August 1914

George Allen and Unwin Limited formally registered as a publisher in London.


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