Mavis Gallant

Standard Name: Gallant, Mavis
Birth Name: Mavis de Trafford Young
Canadian-born Mavis Gallant lived most of her life in Paris, where she wrote hundreds of short stories, two novels, essays, diaries, and a play during the mid to late twentieth century. Her work, which often deals with exile and transience, is known mostly through her lengthy publishing relationship with The New Yorker.


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Education Margaret Atwood
From 1957 she attended Victoria College , University of Toronto . Canadian publishing and the arts in Canada, broadly considered, had not yet recovered from the second world war. There were no cheap reprints of...


21 February 1924: The first issue appeared of the New Yorker...

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21 February 1924

The first issue appeared of the New Yorkermagazine (still going strong in the twenty-first century).
Borne Back Daily. .
21 February 2011


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