King Henry VI

Standard Name: Henry VI, King


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Textual Features Emma Robinson
Charles VII's court is equipped with a number of psychologically warring characters, including his mistress, the Lady of Beauty, who represents the fashionably heartless woman. At the climactic scene of Jeanne's burning, multiple human threads...
Textual Features Sarah Green
Under a perfunctory pretence of writing about the monarchs Henry VI and Edward IV , with dignifying chapter-headings from Shakespeare , Milton , Thomson , Prior , Gray , Pope , and the poems of...
Textual Features Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
She opens her discussion here with a question: What does the Woman's Movement mean and what is its significance in our modern life?
Pethick-Lawrence, Emmeline. The Meaning of the Woman’s Movement. Woman’s Press.
First of all, she answers, the movement signifies the awakening of...
Textual Production Jean Plaidy
The Plantagenet series concluded with two novels issued in 1982: Red Rose of Anjou, about the now adult Henry VI and his queen, Margaret of Anjou , and The Sun in Splendour, about Edward IV .
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Jean Plaidy
JP paints the young Joan of Arc as deeply spiritual and already aspiring to sainthood: Jeannette knew that many girls and boys were interested in each other . . . . She wanted none of...


1438: All Souls College, Oxford, was founded by...

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All Souls College , Oxford, was founded by Henry VI and Henry Chichele , Archbishop of Canterbury, dedicated to those so far slain in the Hundred Years War with France; its official title was...

15 April 1448: Margaret of Anjou (wife of Henry VI) founded...

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15 April 1448

Margaret of Anjou (wife of Henry VI ) founded Queen's College, Cambridge ; in March 1465Elizabeth Woodville (wife of Edward IV ) became its patroness and foundress: hence the present position of the apostrophe.

4 March 1461: The Yorkist Edward IV was proclaimed king...

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4 March 1461

The Yorkist Edward IV was proclaimed king of England following his military victory over the forces of the Lancastrian Henry VI (who had for years been increasingly withdrawn and clearly incapable of personal rule).

29 March 1461: In a climactic and singularly unchivalric...

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29 March 1461

In a climactic and singularly unchivalric battle of the Wars of the Roses, fought on Palm Sunday at Towton in North Yorkshire, about 28,000 men died and Edward IV 's position as king was confirmed.

January 1787: Newspapers advertised the publication of...

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January 1787

Newspapers advertised the publication of Original Letters, Written during the Reigns of Henry VI ,Edward IV and Richard III by Various Persons of Rank or Consequence, generally titled The Paston Letters.


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