Violet Dickinson

Standard Name: Dickinson, Violet


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Family and Intimate relationships Emily Eden
Violet Dickinson , who became a close friend of the young Virginia Stephen (later Virginia Woolf), was EE 's great-niece.
Schlueter, Paul, and June Schlueter, editors. An Encyclopedia of British Women Writers. Garland.
Family and Intimate relationships Virginia Woolf
Virginia did not break down over this bereavement, but became a source of strength to others. Because Violet Dickinson was also ill with typhoid, it was thought necessary to conceal Thoby's death from her, and...
Friends, Associates Kate Greenaway
Soon KG 's illustrations started to attract the attention of established writers and critics, with some of whom she forged friendships. For example, the poet Frederick Locker-Lampson admired the child-like sentiments expressed in her work...
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
Virginia's tutor Janet Case became her lifelong friend.
Lee, Hermione. Virginia Woolf. Chatto and Windus.
In her late teens she had an array of female friends of ten to twenty years older than herself: Violet Dickinson , philanthropic Quaker, Kitty Maxse
Health Virginia Woolf
Shortly after the death of her father in May 1904, Virginia Stephen experienced a second and more serious nervous breakdown. She was nursed for nearly three months at the home of her friend Violet Dickinson
Occupation Kate Greenaway
KG was driven by a strong work ethic. Woman's Life reported her as devoting her life to her work. Miss Greenaway is an indefatigable worker, and has been ever since she first seriously handled a...
Reception Virginia Woolf
Quentin Bell reports that [a]s always, [Woolf] found publication an agitating business, and that when she received her own six copies, on 20 October, she immediately dispatched one to each of Vanessa , Clive Bell
Textual Features Kate Greenaway
KG discussed her creative frustrations in a letter to her friend Violet Dickinson in 1896. She believed her writing had potential but required more development. I do mean to try and do a little more...
Textual Production Emily Eden
Violet Dickinson edited a volume of Emily Eden 's familiar Letters.
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British Library Catalogue.
Textual Production Virginia Woolf
The date on which VW began this work has been the subject of much scholarly discussion. Some critics believe she began it soon after the death of her father in 1904. In his autobiography Leonard Woolf
Travel Virginia Woolf
Virginia and Vanessa Stephen (later Woolf and Bell) and Violet Dickinson left England for Greece, where at Olympia on 13 September they met up with Thoby and Adrian Stephen .
Bishop, Edward. A Virginia Woolf Chronology. Macmillan.


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