Mazo De la Roche

Standard Name: De la Roche, Mazo


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Friends, Associates Ethel Wilson
Through parties hosted by her eventual publisher, the Macmillan Company , EW also met Morley Callaghan , who admired her writing. Other writers she knew included John Gray , A. J. M. Smith , Robert Weaver
politics Ethel Wilson
In her later years, EW became more critical in her letters regarding social and political issues. She increasingly valorized individuals like Mazo de La Roche (for being a self-taught writer), as well as Arthur Erickson
Textual Features G. B. Stern
A listing of books which GBS feels to be particularly her own includes Jane Austen , Edna St Vincent Millay , Dorothy Parker , and Rebecca West 's essays. But most of the women authors...
Textual Production Ethel Wilson
EW expressed to John Gray some self-doubt as to whether she was truly qualified to speak to a university audience: How pretentious of me [to speak], who have [sic] nothing but a very treasured conferred...


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