Pamela Fitzgerald

Standard Name: Fitzgerald, Pamela
Used Form: Lady Edward Fitzgerald


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Family and Intimate relationships Stéphanie-Félicité de Genlis
SFG had two daughters or adopted daughters, Pamela (named after Richardson 's fictional heroine) and Hermine. Pamela later married an Irish patriot, becoming Lady Edward Fitzgerald . The question of her parentage, and indeed her...
Friends, Associates Lady Eleanor Butler
Stéphanie-Félicité de Genlis was at Plas Newydd in 1792 with her daughter (or reputed daughter) Pamela; and six years later, in May 1798, Pamela (now Lady Edward Fitzgerald ) was there again, putting a strain...
Friends, Associates Emily Eden
EE 's friends included George Villiers (Lord Clarendon) and his sister Lady Theresa Villiers (later Lewis), and Pamela Fitzgerald (later Lady Campbell) .
Lady Campbell was the daughter of romantically-associated parents: Lord Edward Fitzgerald ...
Textual Features Mary Charlton
These anecdotes are indeed genuine insofar as they feature a number of actual characters, notably Stéphanie-Félicité de Genlis , Philippe duc d'Orléans , and their daughter or reputed daughter Pamela . These characters reflect, in...
Textual Features Katharine Tynan
Lord Edward was a nephew of KT 's earlier fictional subject, Lady Sarah Lennox . A highly romantic, aristocratic revolutionary, he died of his wounds in prison on 4 June 1798, after the Rebellion of...


4 June 1798: Lord Edward Fitzgerald, a leader of the United...

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4 June 1798

Lord Edward Fitzgerald , a leader of the United Irishmen and implicated in the ongoing Irish Rebellion, died in Newgate Prison, Dublin, of the effects of a wound sustained while resisting arrest.


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