United Irishmen


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Family and Intimate relationships Emily Lawless
Valentine Browne Lawless , EL 's paternal grandfather, was an Irish patriot arrested for treason on 31 May 1798, in the year of the Rebellion, because of his sympathies with the United Irishmen and his...
Friends, Associates Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
On her first visit to Paris, she met Germaine de Staël , and formed lasting friendships with the marquise de Villette (Voltaire 's adopted daughter) and with Elizabeth Patterson (an American heiress, the abandoned...
politics Thomas Moore
TM was a great Irish patriot. In his youth he knew Robert Emmet of the United Irishmen and strongly opposed the 1800 Act of Union with England. His patriotism also inclined him to turn down...
politics Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
When she settled with her husband in Dublin, Sydney Morgan became friendly with the United IrishmenHamilton Rowan and the nationalist lawyer John Philpot Curran . Her oppositional, liberty-loving opinions strengthened with her age. She...
Textual Features Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
It is set in Dublin and Connemara during the 1790s, the time of the author's own youth, with closing scenes in Paris. The large cast of characters includes ancient Catholic landowning families of the...
Textual Production Maud Gonne
Under its original name (which had been used already for an earlier periodical, whose editor was transported for treason to Britain in May 1847) it sprang from centennial commemorations of the Irish Rebellion of 1798...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Medbh McGuckian
This is an anniversary volume, looking back two hundred years to a watershed year in Irish history: a year of assassinations, martial law, the Rebellion or Rising that began in late May, the virtual wiping...


17 September 1695
The first of the Penal Laws against Catholics restricted Catholic education rights: this produced the emergence in Ireland of the celebrated, and mythologized, hedge schools.
October 1791
Wolfe Tone , on a three-week visit to Belfast, founded a United Irish Society or club of United Irishmen.
January 1794
The DublinUnited Irishmen made public their plan to introduce universal manhood suffrage.
May 1795
The United Irish Society was reorganised with the aim of rebellion against England.
February 1798
In County Cork in Ireland, a landowner, Colonel St George, and his estate agent were murdered at the agent's house.
4 June 1798
Lord Edward Fitzgerald , a leader of the United Irishmen and implicated in the ongoing Irish Rebellion, died in Newgate Prison, Dublin, of the effects of a wound sustained while resisting arrest.
21 June 1798
The Society of United Irishmen , a progressive nationalist group (nonsectarian but largely Dissenting) dedicated to overthrowing Anglican minority rule in Ireland, was virtually destroyed in an armed clash at Ballanahinch.
21 October 1803
Irish patriot Thomas Russell was hanged by the British authorities at Downpatrick prison.