Arthur Koestler

Standard Name: Koestler, Arthur


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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Jane Howard
EJH met Arthur Koestler at a party and was bowled over by his whirlwind energy, but when he proposed marriage she had enough sense to counter-suggest living together for some months instead to see how...
Intertextuality and Influence Cecily Mackworth
Routledge were trying to persuade her to produce this book, very quickly, in late 1946.
Hewett, Christopher, editor. The Living Curve : Letters to W. J. Strachan, 1929-1979. Taranman.
Before her journey, in early 1947, she told a friend of her motives: she would have her expenses paid...
Literary responses Elizabeth Jane Howard
Arthur Koestler described this, before publication, as a cross between Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh . When EJH told him she was having trouble finishing it, he said she had finished it, and written beyond...
Literary responses Kathleen Nott
The book came with a dustjacket recommendation from Arthur Koestler (about whom Nott had written admiringly in Astride the Two Cultures: Arthur Koestler at Seventy, edited by Harold Harris , 1975).
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
59492 (4 September 1975): 7; 60049 (7 July 1977): 19
Occupation Iris Murdoch
Dawson later recalled her as blithe and insouciant about set-texts and exams, preferring to roam over philosophical and literary ideas from Plato to Arthur Koestler .
Dawson, Jennifer. “Impressions of Iris Murdoch, Teacher, in 1951”. The Ship, Vol.
, pp. 52-3.
She was marvellously eclectic, with a passion...


February 1936: The awesome trio of political theorist Harold...

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February 1936

The awesome trio
Laity, Paul. “The left’s ace of clubs”. Guardian Unlimited.
of political theorist Harold Laski , publisher Victor Gollancz , and writer and Labour MP John Strachey established the Left Book Club (LBC) .


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