Nikolay Nikolayevich Punin

Standard Name: Punin, Nikolay Nikolayevich


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Family and Intimate relationships Anna Akhmatova
In the autumn of 1938 AA left Nikolay Nikolayevich Punin , possibly because of her growing fondness for Vladimir Georgievich Garshin , a well-known Soviet physician. She went as far as consenting to take Garshin's...
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Akhmatova
Although Nikolay Nikolayevich Punin was never divorced from his wife, AA lived with him for fifteen years, longer than with any other man. According to Amanda Haight , their marriage was never officially registered.
Haight, Amanda. Anna Akhmatova : A Poetic Pilgrimage. Oxford University Press, 1976.
politics Anna Akhmatova
The late 1920s and middle 30s were marked by massive repressions and imprisonments undertaken by the Communist regime now headed by Joseph Stalin . Battered by the arrests of Osip Mandelstam , a fellow writer...
Residence Anna Akhmatova
During these years Anna needed to stay at her friends' places since she had resigned from the Agronomy Institute library and could no longer benefit from an apartment through her work. She lived at Vladimir Shileiko
Textual Production Anna Akhmatova
AA took the courageous step of writing to Stalin (Much respected Josif Vissarionovich) with a dignified petition that he should free Punin and her son Lev from prison.
Feinstein, Elaine. Anna of all the Russias: The Life of Anna Akhmatova. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2005.


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