Vladimir Kazimirovych Shileiko

Standard Name: Shileiko, Vladimir Kazimirovych


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Family and Intimate relationships Anna Akhmatova
Between the years 1917 and 1918 AA developed romantic feelings for Vladimir Kazimirovych Shileiko (or Shileyko) , an old friend, a scholar of the ancient Middle East and a poet. He wanted Anna to marry...
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Akhmatova
Her second marriage was stifling for the poet, for she came to realize that Vladimir Shileiko strove to have full possession of her life, leaving no room for freedom.
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Akhmatova
While describing her husband as a dragon in her poems, she mentions an angel and a true lover who helps her escape from the prison of marriage. Amanda Haight believes that AA was referring to...
Material Conditions of Writing Anna Akhmatova
It incorporates the contents of her Plantain, a miniature-sized book published in 1921, featuring poems written between 1917 and 1919. After her marriage to Shileiko , Anna's creative impulse was damped, and it was...
Residence Anna Akhmatova
During these years Anna needed to stay at her friends' places since she had resigned from the Agronomy Institute library and could no longer benefit from an apartment through her work. She lived at Vladimir Shileiko
Residence Anna Akhmatova
A couple of weeks after her broadcast to Leningrad, the Central Committee of the Communist Party , in a desperate attempt to save some few representatives of literary circles, ordered that Akhmatova and others be...


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