Philip II, King of Spain

Standard Name: Philip II,, King of Spain


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Basset
MB 's second husband had at the time of their marriage already been imprisoned in the Tower of London; upon Mary Tudor 's accession, James Basset travelled on diplomatic missions between Mary and Philip of Spain
Literary Setting Emma Robinson
This was set in the days when the Dutch Protestants in the Spanish Netherlands (present-day Belgium and part of northern France), led by William of Orange (that is, William the Silent, 1533-84), rebelled...
Textual Features Elizabeth Boyd
EB endorses Haddock 's blockade of Spain. She opens on England's greatness in the days When Great Eliza fill'd the British Throne; she praises Elizabeth for her decision not to marry Philip of Spain
Textual Features Catherine Gore
The setting in 1550s Spain was evidently regarded as an attraction. Don Juan is presumed to be a bastard son of the emperor Charles V , who has abdicated and retired to a monastery, leaving...
Textual Features Kate O'Brien
The novel centres on an actual historical character, Ana, Princess of Eboli, also known as Ana de Mendoza (familiar to admirers of Verdi 's opera Don Carlo as Princess Eboli), a Spanish great lady of...
Textual Features Mrs F. C. Patrick
In the later stages of the novel, Anthony is in love with Lady Maria, an unrecorded daughter of Mary, Queen of Scots (a plot twist which must ultimately be owed to Sophia Lee and The...
Textual Production Jean Plaidy
In the following year, 1952, and under the same pseudonym, JP shifted her historical lens for the novel Daughter of Satan, which examines the persecution of witches and Puritans in the 16th and 17th...


1554: Juana of Austria, sister of Philip II of...

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Juana of Austria , sister of Philip II of Spain, was secretly accepted into the Jesuit order under the false name Mateo Sanchez.

July 1554: One year after succeeding to the throne,...

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July 1554

One year after succeeding to the throne, Mary Tudor married Philip of Spain , thereby strengthening the hand of others who wished, as she did, to re-Catholicize England.

September 1558: The Emperor Charles V died at Yuste in Extremadura,...

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September 1558

The Emperor Charles V died at Yuste in Extremadura, two years after abdicating from the Holy Roman Empire which he had created.

1580: Philip II acquired Portugal to add to the...

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Philip II acquired Portugal to add to the possessions of the Spanish crown; Portugal and its overseas possessions remained Spanish until 1640.

By the end of August 1588: The attempted invasion of England by Philip...

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By the end of August 1588

The attempted invasion of England by Philip II 's Spanish Armada was defeated.


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