James T. Fields

Standard Name: Fields, James T.


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Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Orne Jewett
Following the death of her publisher James T. Fields in 1881, SOJ became increasingly close to Annie Fields , his widow. Their relationship intensified following a trip together to Europe in 1882, and they were...
Friends, Associates Mary Russell Mitford
At the end of her life MRM was visited by John Ruskin and the US publisher James T. Fields .
Mudge, Bradford Keyes, editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 116. Gale Research.
116: 197
Her American literary connections were many: she corresponded with, and in some cases...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Well known and much admired in her lifetime, ESP enjoyed friendships with many important literary figures, including publisher James Fields (who has been described as Christ-like in sympathy and kindness)
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. Chapters From a Life. Houghton, Mifflin.
and his wife...
Friends, Associates Rebecca Harding Davis
She established a friendship with Nathaniel Hawthorne through an early, enthusiastic letter, in which she described the delight of her first encounters with his work. She nevertheless felt that he always stood somewhat aloof from...
Literary responses Rebecca Harding Davis
When it first appeared, RHD 's story met with wide critical acclaim and broad recognition from members of the American literary community.
Davis, Rebecca Harding. “Biographical Introduction”. Life in the Iron Mills; or, the Korl Woman, edited by Tillie Olsen, The Feminist Press.
American National Biography. http://www.anb.org/articles/home.html.
Emily Dickinson wrote to her sister-in-law for a copy.
Olsen, Tillie. Silences. Virago.
Davis's publisher...
Occupation Anna Mary Howitt
AMH was already writing and drawing as a professional when Henry Chorley , editor of the Ladies' Companion, commissioned her to go to Oberammergau and report on the passion play. On her return to...
Publishing Sarah Orne Jewett
SOJ published many sketches and short stories throughout her career, frequently placing them in James T. Fields 's Atlantic Monthly.
Publishing Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
James Fields wrote to her shortly after publication that her book was moving grandly. . . . It has already reached a sale of four thousand copies.
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. Chapters From a Life. Houghton, Mifflin.
He enclosed a cheque for six hundred...
Publishing Mary Cowden Clarke
At the request of James T. Fields she wrote a piece for the Atlantic Monthly in 1866 about a curious
Clarke, Mary Cowden. My Long Life. Dodd, Mead.
house that she saw while house-hunting in Genoa: to her regret the magazine...
Publishing Rebecca Harding Davis
RHD had originally submitted the story to the Atlantic Monthly in May 1861, on encouragement from the editor, James T. Fields , and his wife, Annie . Fields, however, rejected the first version of the...
Publishing George Eliot
She thought, after this, of writing a poem on Timoleon, the Greek liberator of Syracuse in the fourth century BC. Instead, however, she started work on Middlemarch. In 1869 she wrote and published two...
Reception Rebecca Harding Davis
More recently, however, critics have expressed regret about RHD 's decision to submit to editorial control by James T. Fields . Following Jean Fagan Yellin , Janice Milner Lasseter contended that the revised version of...
Reception Rebecca Harding Davis
Whether out of dislike for the novel, insistence on exclusive rights to her work, or anxiety not to offend his readers, RHD 's first publisher, James T. Fields , summarily removed her from the list...
Textual Production Rebecca Harding Davis
While she was working on Life in the Iron-Mills, RHD 's editor James Fields requested a more taking title. She proposed the title Beyond? (to suggest the subdued meaning of the story) and...


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