e. e. cummings

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Intertextuality and Influence Monica Furlong
The Times Literary Supplement reviewer noted in Travelling In a host of quotations from old and new sources: from studies in Zen Buddhism , the Tao te Ching, the Theologica Germanica, and Julian of Norwich
Occupation Ford Madox Ford
Ernest Hemingway was associate editor. The magazine published modernist writers including Djuna Barnes , Jean Rhys , Gertrude Stein , William Carlos Williams , Ezra Pound , and e. e. cummings .
Stang, Sondra J., editor. “Introduction and Editorial Materials”. The Ford Madox Ford Reader, Carcanet, 1986, p. various pages.
Textual Production Jan Morris
Morris wrote on a wide range of topics for the Times, contributing The Comic Strip in American Life and The Plays of Eugene O'Neill to a collection of articles jointly titled The American Press...
Textual Production Sylvia Beach
The speech urged all Americans to use their democratic rights to bring down corrupt politicians, because the President eats dirt and excrement for the daily meals, likes it, and tries to force it on the...
Textual Production Helen Dunmore
HD published her novel Your Blue-Eyed Boy, whose protagonist is a female judge.
Ethel Mannin had used the title The Blue-Eyed Boy in 1959. By adding your, HD produces an allusion to the...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Laura Riding
LR has been credited with this book's first introduction into Britain of the word Modernism, which was already current in the USA. (Ten years later than this, Ezra Pound still believed that the movement...


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cummings, e. e. Complete Poems. MacGibbon and Kee, 1968.