Henrietta O'Neill

Standard Name: O'Neill, Henrietta


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Friends, Associates Charlotte Brooke
Apart from Joseph C. Walker , the early friend who became the first person to publish her, CB carried on an amicable correspondence with Thomas Percy , whose project of conserving English ballads parallelled her...
Friends, Associates Charlotte Smith
CS was a friend at least from 1787, but more probably from childhood, with the poet Henrietta O'Neill (who married in 1777). She visited her at the O'Neills' London house at least twice, and through...
Intertextuality and Influence Charlotte Smith
In this work CS quoted in full, and thus transmitted to posterity, one of the best-known pieces by her friend the amateur Irish poet Henrietta O'Neill . This is Ode to the Poppy, a...
Textual Features Maria Riddell
MR 's own twenty poems include prefatory verses as editor, written for the occasion. She prints work by the late Henrietta O'Neill (the well-known Ode to the Poppy), Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire (St...
Textual Production Charlotte Smith
It was small but handsome. Thomas Stothard did two of the illustrations. His design for sonnet 12 (Written on the Sea Shore.—October 1784—the month in which she crossed the Channel with her children...
Textual Production Charlotte Smith
This has her preface replying to hostile criticism of her for querulous egotism,
Raycroft, Brent. “From Charlotte Smith to Nehemiah Higginbottom: Revising the Genealogy of the Early Romantic Sonnet”. European Romantic Review, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 363-92.
and for renewing her criticisms of the Smith trustees. She also admits, this time, her economic motive. The number of...
Textual Production Charlotte Smith
Encouraged by her friendship with the theatrical patron and amateur performer Henrietta O'Neill , CS had long thought about writing for the stage. She had written to Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire , in 1795 about...


2 September 1793: Henrietta O'Neill, Irish writer and patron,...

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2 September 1793

Henrietta O'Neill , Irish writer and patron, died. She had opened a private theatre at her seat, Shane's Castle in County Antrim, and also supported the theatre in Belfast.


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