Joseph C. Walker

Standard Name: Walker, Joseph C.
Used Form: Joseph Cooper Walker


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Friends, Associates Charlotte Brooke
At this time Henry Brooke was having some success with his plays, and Charlotte frequently enjoyed the society of several eminent literary characters, according to her somewhat wordy first biographer.
Crossley-Seymour, Aaron, and Charlotte Brooke. “A Memoir of Miss Brooke”. Reliques of Irish Poetry, J. Christie, p. 1: iii - cxxviii.
One early friend, Joseph C. Walker
Friends, Associates Charlotte Brooke
Apart from Joseph C. Walker , the early friend who became the first person to publish her, CB carried on an amicable correspondence with Thomas Percy , whose project of conserving English ballads parallelled her...
Friends, Associates Clara Reeve
Among her friends were Martha Bridgen (daughter of Samuel Richardson ), Thomas Percy , and Joseph Cooper Walker
Trainer, James, and Clara Reeve. “Introduction”. The Old English Baron, Oxford University Press.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
(who was also a good friend to other women writers from around the British Isles: to...
Friends, Associates Charlotte Smith
CS got to know the Rev. Joseph Cooper Walker through his help in arranging a Dublin edition of The Old Manor House. They shared an epistolary relationship based on business and confidential domestic matters...
Intertextuality and Influence Charlotte Brooke
CB was warmly appreciated in Ireland. She influenced there a parallel effort to preserve traditional music as she had preserved traditional words: that of Edward Bunting , who edited in 1796 the first volume...
Literary responses Anne Bannerman
The volume was well reviewed, and poems were reprinted in two magazines. Literary commentators like Thomas Park , Joseph Cooper Walker , and Joseph Martin , assured Robert Anderson of their admiration.
Elfenbein, Andrew. Romantic Genius: The Prehistory of a Homosexual Role. Columbia University Press.
131 and n28
Textual Features Charlotte Smith
These letters include plenty to family and friends; most notable are those to her publishers, a whole series of them.
Fletcher, Loraine. Charlotte Smith: A Critical Biography. Macmillan.
Their editor, Judith Stanton , has pointed out their value in reflecting and commenting...
Textual Production Mary Tighe
MT wrote to her friend Joseph Cooper Walker that she had had a narrow escape: she had almost published Psyche, together with a volume of smaller poems (which must have been Verses Transcribed for...
Textual Production Anne Bannerman
This combines the contents of her two earlier publications and her contributions to The Poetical Register and to Joseph Cooper Walker 's literary history. AB had feared in 1805 that she did not know enough...
Textual Production Anne Bannerman
AB contributed translations from Politiano and Antonio Allamanni to Joseph Cooper Walker 's A Historical and Critical Essay on the Revival of the Drama in Italy, 1805.
Elfenbein, Andrew. Romantic Genius: The Prehistory of a Homosexual Role. Columbia University Press.
131 and n30
In February 1815 it...
Textual Production Charlotte Brooke
CB contributed anonymous translations of Irish poems to Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards, edited by Joseph C. Walker .
Ashley, Leonard R. N. et al. “Introduction”. Reliques of Irish Poetry, Scholars’ Facsimiles and Reprints, p. v - xv.
Textual Production Charlotte Brooke
She began her project as a money-earning one, but was later able to declare that the proceeds would go to charity. A further motive was patriotic and nationalistic: to counter the English (even, sometimes, the...
Textual Production Clara Reeve
In old age, looking back at a lifetime of writing designed to support moral, political, and literary good causes as well as to earn her money, CR supposed that she would burn the several drawers...


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Walker, Joseph C. Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards. Printed for the author by Luke White, 1786.