Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Standard Name: Seneca, Lucius Annaeus


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Education Frances Reynolds
FR denied that she knew Latin, yet she used Latin tags in her letters. As an adult she worked persistently at self-education. Her commonplace-book contains her reading notes on Plato , Aristotle , Pliny ,...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Bacon
Her husband had six surviving children already. AB had two daughters (who died young) before her two sons. In August 1557 she was hoping that her daughter Susan might get over her recurring fits of...
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Kane
This play recalls Racine 's version of the story in Phèdre, but actually refers to Racine's source, Seneca 's Phaedra (perhaps following in the footsteps of Caryl Churchill 's version of Seneca's Thyestes...
Intertextuality and Influence Anne-Thérèse de Lambert
ATL casts her essay on friendship in the guise of a letter to a male friend, and lards it with quotations from Seneca and Montaigne . Friendship, she writes, depends on virtue (for the virtuous...
Intertextuality and Influence Frances, Lady Norton
FLN 's works, like the volume already published of Gethin, are very largely composed of quotations. Norton addresses this issue in The Applause of Virtue, in her prefatory To the Reader, which opens...
Intertextuality and Influence Zadie Smith
These essays are a paradox: colloquial and popular in their enthusiasms, effortlessly learned in their handling. Smith is highly personal as she recounts her cultural discoveries: of a biracial chareacter claiming liberty of creative freedom...
Literary responses Catharine Trotter
This was a successful debut for CT .
Clark, Constance. Three Augustan Women Playwrights. Peter Lang.
With only one play before the public, she was quite gently handled in The Female Wits, a satire on women playwrights which was staged in...
Textual Features Queen Elizabeth I
Her editor Leah Marcus has emphasized that QE was a pioneer of the plain and pithy style in English called Senecan or Tacitean , in contrast to the elaborate, high-flown Ciceronian style which generally held...
Textual Features Anne, Lady Southwell
As a poet she paraphrases Seneca , and puts into verse the stories of Roman historians about their emperors.
Anne, Lady Southwell,. The Southwell-Sibthorpe Commonplace Book. Editor Klene, Jean, Renaissance English Text Society.
11, 48
She draws on Saint Augustine, and comments on various poems on each of the...
Textual Production Aphra Behn
Her publisher was J. Hindmarsh .
O’Donnell, Mary Ann. Aphra Behn: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources. Garland.
Among its contents, the title-page makes special mention of her Reflections on Morality; or, Seneca Unmasqued, translated and adapted from La Rochefoucauld 's maxims.
Todd, Janet. The Secret Life of Aphra Behn. Rutgers University Press.
372-3, 512
Textual Production Caryl Churchill
Other projects from the 1990s include Lives of the Great Poisoners (1991) and Hotel (1997), both co-written with composer Orlando Gough and choreographer Ian Spink for Second Stride theatre company; a translation of Seneca 's...
Textual Production Queen Elizabeth I
QEI probably translated a chorus from Seneca 's Hercules Oetaeus (the manuscript is not in her hand, and it was about the first decade of the seventeenth century that an attribution to her was written...
Textual Production Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland
This phrase (her daughter's) may include Mariam. Many other works are not known to have survived: for instance, a youthful translation from the Latin of Seneca . Her daughter liked a poetic life of...
Textual Production Elizabeth Hamilton
This was published at Bath and London. EH did serious historical research for this book, reading all the Roman history she could find in English and even commissioning translations.
There was already women's work...


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