Frances, Lady Norton

Standard Name: Norton, Frances,,, Lady
Birth Name: Frances Freke
Married Name: Frances Norton
Titled: Frances, Lady Norton
Married Name: Frances Jones
After the untimely death of her only daughter at the end of the seventeenth century, FLN edited a memorial volume of the daughter's pious meditations, mostly transcribed from her extensive reading as a glorified common-place book. She later produced two volumes of her own of the same type, though their proportion of originally-authored content is higher. She also published a book of poems embroidered on chair cushions.


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death Elizabeth Freke
She was buried in Westminster Abbey, perhaps through the good offices of her sister Frances Norton .
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Freke
EF 's sister Frances married Sir George Norton , and published writing both by herself and (posthumously) by her daughter Grace, Lady Gethin .
Intertextuality and Influence Barbara Hofland
Sophia begins by feeling much too much, but becomes exemplary. On her last page BH uses the word helpful
Feminist Companion Archive.
as a neologism, citing as authority for it Frances, Lady Norton (who published two works early...
Leisure and Society Elizabeth Freke
EF owned more than a hundred books: well known religious texts, a famous French romance (Gauthier de la Calprenède 's Cassandra, English translation 1652), the publications of her sister, Frances Norton and her...
Literary responses Jane Wiseman
JW may perhaps have been one of those lampooned by Alexander Pope in his Dunciad, though if so his draft reference to her was dropped before the poem was published. Critic Valerie Rumbold notes...


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