Theodora Bosanquet

Standard Name: Bosanquet, Theodora


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Dedications Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
MHVR published Notes on the Way, a selection of travel writing and other essays dedicated to Theodora Bosanquet , who was often her travelling companion.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda,. Notes on the Way. Books for Libraries Press.
Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
For the last twenty-five years of her life, MHVR lived with Theodora Bosanquet . The two women shared a warm and close relationship; Rhondda's recent biographer, Angela V. John , avoids any speculation on the...
Friends, Associates Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
MHVR 's friends included novelist Elizabeth Robins , Theodora Bosanquet (spokesperson for British Federation of University Women and one-time secretary of Henry James ), MP Ellen Wilkinson (despite of their different stance on party politics)...
Literary responses Katherine Mansfield
After Mansfield's death, Woolf wrote in her diary: it seemed to me there was no point in writing. Katherine won't read it.
Gunn, Kirsty. “How the Laundry Basket Squeaked”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 7, pp. 25-6.
KM appears in episodes in more than one novel by her friend...
Publishing Henry James
The earlier volumes were A Small Boy and Others (29 March 1913) and Notes of a Son and Brother (7 March 1914).
Edel, Leon et al. A Bibliography of Henry James. Clarendon Press.
149, 150
HJ set out to edit a posthumous selection of his brother...
Travel Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
MHVR visited France and Italy on many occasions for both business and pleasure.
Eoff, Shirley. Viscountess Rhondda: Equalitarian Feminist. Ohio State University Press.
Her more distant destinations included Alberta, Canada (in 1919), and Jerusalem, Nazareth, Greece, Palestine, and Egypt (in...


1928: Members of the British Federation of University...

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Members of the British Federation of University Women (later known as the British Federation of Women Graduates ) established the Sybil Campbell Libraryfor the study of the expansion of the role of women in recent generations.


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