Sir Arthur Evans

Standard Name: Evans, Sir Arthur


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Instructor Mary Renault
MR visited the Ashmolean Museum while she was an undergraduate, and its Keeper, Sir Arthur Evans , introduced her to replicas of his major discoveries including the Cretan Bull-leaper. The Museum also featured an extensive...
politics Dorothy Wellesley
Her fellow signatories included Violet Bonham Carter , Stafford Cripps , archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans , historian H. A. L. Fisher , scientist-philosopher Julian Huxley , sculptor Laura Knight , writers Edith Lyttelton and J. B. Priestley
Reception Jane Ellen Harrison
The lecture series was launched by distinguished supporters including J. G. Frazer , Sir Arthur Evans , Roger Fry , and Virginia and Leonard Woolf .
Beard, Mary. The Invention of Jane Harrison. Harvard University Press.


1899-1907: Sir Arthur Evans carried out excavations...

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Sir Arthur Evans carried out excavations at Knossos in Crete, the palace famed in Greek myth as the site of Theseus' victory over the Minotaur with the help of Ariadne.

1952: Michael Ventris first deciphered the Linear...

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Michael Ventris first deciphered the Linear B script used in ancient Mycenean tablets discovered fifty years earlier by Sir Arthur Evans at Knossos in Crete.


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