Sir James George Frazer

Standard Name: Frazer, Sir James George
Used Form: J. G. Frazer
SJGF was a late Victorian academic, anthropologist and investigator of aboriginal peoples' religious beliefs and practices. His book The Golden Bough made a huge impact on writers as well as scientists.


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Intertextuality and Influence Mary Renault
MR based her book on the outline from Plutarch 's Life of Theseus. However, the novel also enters into scholarly debates about the origins of Mycenaean culture by portraying the replacement of a matriarchal...
Intertextuality and Influence Flora Annie Steel
Notes she made for this novel include quotations from Sir James Frazer 's The Golden Bough (about male fear of women's power) and from the scientist Metchnikoff about the disharmony represented by human sexual functions.
Powell, Violet. Flora Annie Steel: Novelist of India. Heinemann.
Material Conditions of Writing Muriel Spark
Again Spark had researched for this novel, which draws on ancient Roman history and Sir James Frazer 's The Golden Bough. Work had been interrupted by her mother's death. The manuscript consisted of small...
Occupation Jane Ellen Harrison
While highly innovative and thus sometimes controversial, JEH 's work was supported, as well as challenged, by a wide range of scholarly and critical sources. At Cambridge, she collaborated with colleagues including William Ridgeway ,...
Reception Jane Ellen Harrison
The lecture series was launched by distinguished supporters including J. G. Frazer , Sir Arthur Evans , Roger Fry , and Virginia and Leonard Woolf .
Beard, Mary. The Invention of Jane Harrison. Harvard University Press.
Reception Laura Riding
Miranda Seymour (who has published a life of Graves and a novel based on an incident in his life and Riding's) does not believe this story of indebtedness,
Seymour, Miranda. “The Hand from the Grave”. Lives for Sale: Biographers’ Tales, edited by Mark Bostridge, Continuum, pp. 191-5.
and nor does Riding's biographer Friedmann...
Textual Features Jane Ellen Harrison
Departing from studies of the vegetation spirit undertaken by such scholars as J. G. Frazer and Wilhelm Mannhardt , Harrison argues for the significance of the year spirit as the embodiment not of the formal...
Textual Features Ursula K. Le Guin
The plot of this book is fairly conventional. Its hero is born to poverty and goat-herding on the undeveloped island of Gont. He is named Duny. His siblings are much older, his mother dies early...
Textual Production Mary Kingsley
As the major influences on her in anthropological theory MK cites Charles Darwin , Edward Burnett Tylor 's Primitive Culture, and A. B. Ellis 's The Tshi Speaking, Ewe Speaking, and Yoruba Speaking Peoples...


1898: Modern anthropology (based on fieldwork,...

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Modern anthropology (based on fieldwork, not speculation like that of Sir James Frazer ) is held to have begun with the Cambridge Expedition to the Torres Strait, off Queensland.


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