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Education Mary Renault
MR visited the Ashmolean Museum while she was an undergraduate, and its Keeper, Sir Arthur Evans , introduced her to replicas of his major discoveries including the Cretan Bull-leaper. The Museum also featured an extensive...
Textual Production Michael Field
The same year Whym Chow was privately published by Eragny Press (run by Lucien Pissarro , son of the Impressionist painter, and his wife Esther ) and distributed to close friends of MF . Only...
Textual Production Ling Shuhua
LS authored catalogues of exhibitions of her paintings, including those held at the Musée Cernuschi (with an introduction by André Maurois ) and the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford in 1983.
Laurence, Patricia Ondek. Lily Briscoe’s Chinese Eyes: Bloomsbury, Modernism, and China. University of South Carolina Press.
Textual Production Elizabeth Siddal
The manuscripts of ES 's work are held at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.
Marsh, Jan. Elizabeth Siddal, 1829-1862: Pre-Raphaelite Artist. The Ruskin Gallery.


From about 1667: John Aubrey wrote the biographical jottings...

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From about 1667

John Aubrey wrote the biographical jottings on authors and other celebrities known to posterity as his Brief Lives, as part of his extensive compilation of manuscript information on many topics.

21 May 1683: The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, built to...

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21 May 1683

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, built to house the collection of rarities of Elias Ashmole (and thus the first purpose-built museum in the world), was dedicated.

1707: Edward Lhuyd of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford...

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Edward Lhuyd of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford first demonstrated in print that the ancient British language was related to the Gaelic of Ireland and Scotland.


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