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Family and Intimate relationships Emilie Barrington
EB 's sister Eliza married the future writer and political theorist Walter Bagehot on 21 April 1858, and when her husband died early, on 24 March 1877, she inherited considerable wealth.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Bagehot
Of her...
Friends, Associates Frances Power Cobbe
FPC 's wide London circle included Walter Bagehot , Frances Sarah Colenso and her husband Bishop Colenso (while they were home from Africa), Henry Fawcett , Charles Kingsley , W. E. H. Lecky , Sir Charles Lyell
Literary responses Robert Browning
Critical response was very positive. Gerald Massey in the Athenæum proclaimed Browning a great dramatic poet and felt that Shakespeare would have approved. Walter Bagehot characterized his style as grotesque, a judgement which has stuck.
Irvine, William, and Park Honan. The Book, the Ring, and the Poet: A Biography of Robert Browning. McGraw-Hill.
Literary responses Emily Eden
EE herself remarked that the novel had had more success than I require, and considerably more than I expected.
Eden, Anthony, and Emily Eden. “Introduction”. Two Novels, Victor Gollancz, pp. 7-20.
Walter Bagehot , reviewing it for the Saturday Review, emphasized its message of social...
Textual Production Emilie Barrington
EB published a life of the writer and political theorist Walter Bagehot , her brother-in-law.
British Library Catalogue.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
643 (14 May 1914): 236


2 September 1843: The Economist, a new weekly founded by businessman...

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2 September 1843

The Economist, a new weekly founded by businessman and MP James Wilson , issued its first number.

July 1855: The first issue of the National Review was...

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July 1855

The first issue of the National Review was published; it became the most celebrated Unitarian periodical and one of the most illustrious quarterlies of the century.

1861-77: Walter Bagehot edited The Economist, a journal...

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Walter Bagehot edited The Economist, a journal founded in 1843 and still in existence. Bagehot had become the journal's director in 1859, and remained its editor until his death.

1867: Walter Bagehot's classic introduction to...

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Walter Bagehot 's classic introduction to British politics, entitled The English Constitution, was published.

16 May 1871: Henry S. King (husband of the poet Harriet...

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16 May 1871

Henry S. King (husband of the poet Harriet Hamilton King ) set up the publishing firm H. S. King and Co. at 65 Cornhill, London; taken over by Charles Kegan Paul in 1877, it...

1872: Walter Bagehot published Physics and Politics,...

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Walter Bagehot published Physics and Politics, in which he applied the idea of natural selection to politics.

1879: Walter Bagehot's Literary Studies, a two-volume...

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Walter Bagehot 's Literary Studies, a two-volume collection of his literary essays, was published posthumously with a memoir by Richard Holt Hutton .


Bagehot, Walter. Literary Studies. Editor Hutton, Richard Holt, Longmans, Green, 1891.