John William Colenso

Standard Name: Colenso, John William


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Family and Intimate relationships Frances Colenso
FC 's father, the Reverend John William Colenso , was English Bishop of Natal from 1853 until his death on 20 July 1883. In this capacity he translated the New Testament and parts of the...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Colenso
Once in Natal, Bishop Colenso took the side of the natives against Boer oppression;
Chisholm, Hugh, editor. Encyclopaedia Britannica. Cambridge University Press.
however, as critic Margaret Daymond notes, he did not set himself against war as such; it was the injustices of a...
Friends, Associates Florence Dixie
In South Africa FD remembered warmly, even sentimentally, her childhood meeting with the Prince Imperial (son of Louis-Napoleon of France, an early anglophile) whom she had met as a child and who had died fighting...
Friends, Associates Frances Power Cobbe
FPC 's wide London circle included Walter Bagehot , Frances Sarah Colenso and her husband Bishop Colenso (while they were home from Africa), Henry Fawcett , Charles Kingsley , W. E. H. Lecky , Sir Charles Lyell
Intertextuality and Influence Frances Power Cobbe
FPC 's subject here was particularly topical given the furore created by Essays and Reviews, 1860 and Bishop Colenso 's The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Examined, 1862.
Literary responses Florence Dixie
Her most vociferous opponents now included John Robinson , editor of the Natal Mercury (who chose to interpret her as a mere mouthpiece for Bishop Colenso ), and in time most of the British Tory...
politics Florence Dixie
Her visit to Zululand was undertaken at the request of King Cetshwayo , and once there she caused consternation among British officials by attempting to sound out local Zulu opinion about his removal from rule...
Publishing Georgiana Chatterton
In probably May 1864 GC wrote and sent to Cardinal Wiseman a poem of protest against Bishop Colenso of Natal (father of Frances Colenso ); she also sent it to the comte de Montalembert .
“The Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton”. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.
Residence Frances Colenso
FC returned from Natal to England to assist Sir George Cox with producing a biography of her father (who had died in July 1883).
Colenso, Frances Sarah, and Wyn Rees. Colenso Letters from Natal. Shuter and Shooter.
Residence Frances Colenso
After FC 's father was consecrated Bishop of Natal, the family sailed for South Africa, where they settled in a place called from them Bishopstowe near Pietermaritzburg.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under John William Colenso
Daymond, Margaret J., and Frances Colenso. “Introduction”. My Chief and I; or, Six Months in Natal after the Langalibalele Outbreak; and, Five Years Later, a Sequel, University of Natal Press, pp. 11-45.


Late October 1862: John William Colenso, Bishop of Natal, published...

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Late October 1862

John William Colenso , Bishop of Natal, published the first volume of his controversial The Pentateuch and the Book of Joshua Critically Examined, challenging the literal truth of the Bible on scientific grounds.


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