Maria Cosway

Standard Name: Cosway, Maria


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Friends, Associates Hannah Cowley
She also owed to her father's contacts the early patronage (crucial for both herself and her husband) of Nathaniel Ryder, Lord Harrowby . Another friendship formed in Tiverton was that with artist Richard Cosway ...
Friends, Associates Hannah Cowley
In Paris she stayed at the Hôtel Vendome, and through Maria Cosway and other contacts met Thomas Jefferson and many social and cultural leading lights of Paris.
Escott, Angela. The Celebrated Hannah Cowley. Pickering and Chatto.
Friends, Associates Amelia Opie
She had already begun to move in fashionable circles, and became friendly with Lady Caroline Lamb , Lady Cork , and painters James Northcote and Sir Joshua Reynolds .
Opie, Amelia. “Introduction”. Adeline Mowbray, edited by Shelley King and John B. Pierce, Oxford University Press, p. i - xxix.
In 1802, in London and...
Friends, Associates Mary Robinson
MR remained devoted to the idea of female friendship. She met the artist Maria Cosway in France and they became firm friends. In her last months she wrote to the novelist Elizabeth Gunning to sympathise...
Friends, Associates Helen Maria Williams
On her return to Paris after Robespierre's death, HMW and Stone lived in a house (where she held her salon) on the Quai Malaquais. After peace was announced between England and France in 1801...
Publishing Helen Maria Williams
The Poems were in two volumes, with HMW 's name in full, published by Rivington and Marshall , with an engraved frontispiece drawn by Maria Cosway . Subscribers included the Prince of Wales (whose name...
Reception Mary Robinson
The same year Broadview Press issued her Selected Poems, with four portraits and the illustrations by Maria Cosway , engraved by Caroline Watson , to her poem A Wintry Day. These were followed...
Textual Features Hannah Cowley
A prologue complains that true comedy is being driven from the stage by farce and slapstick. The plot turns on the manoevres by which the despicable Fancourt seeks to swindle a provincial worthy, Sir Robert...
Textual Features Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
This story addresses the contact of different cultures so beloved by RPJ : Thomas Jefferson the enlightenment slave-owner, US ambassador in the pre-revolutionary Paris of 1784-9. She drew on Fawn Brodie 's controversial biography (...


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