Freewoman Discussion Circle


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Friends, Associates Dora Marsden
West became a regular contributor to The Freewoman and a prominent member of the London branch of the Freewoman Discussion Circle . She also played central roles in the revival and transformation of The Freewoman...
Friends, Associates Dora Marsden
The two had been in contact before this date: Weaver was a member of the Freewoman Discussion Circle and may have seen Marsden there; they first began to correspond in 14 October 1912, as The...
politics Dora Marsden
The Freewoman Discussion Circle (largely a creation of DM ) met for the first time in London. Its aim was discussion of feminist, socialist, anarchist, and other issues raised in The Freewoman: A Weekly Feminist Review.
Garner, Les. A Brave and Beautiful Spirit: Dora Marsden, 1882-1960. Avebury.
politics Harriet Shaw Weaver
Also around 1912, HSW took out a subscription to A Weekly Feminist Review: The Freewoman. She soon joined the Freewoman Discussion Circle . In the discussion circle she heard a talk by Edith Ellis
Textual Production Dora Marsden
Plans were afoot to relaunch The Freewoman shortly after it collapsed in its first form. When Marsden retreated to Southport for health reasons, Rebecca West acted as liaison between her and supporters in the Freewoman Discussion Circle


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